Tips to Wear Sheer Saree

Tips to Wear Sheer Saree

The saree is a living example of India’s timeless tradition, legacy, culture and craftsmanship. Each fabric of a saree has its own personality and quality. It is fashionable and you can carry it in different ways (Tips to Wear Sheer Saree). Also, every woman wants to be the center of attention whenever she wears a sari.

Tips to Wear Sheer Saree

Actually, sheer saree is semi-transparent and needs some special care when tying it. When you wear it properly, this saree creates an atmosphere of grace and elegance and it is one saree that you will absolutely love to wear. Sheer saris are also loved by Bollywood divas as they give off an airy, feminine vibe. We are here with some ideas for styling it for you.

Tips to Wear Sheer Saree


These types of sarees are transparent and because of this your blouse should fit you well to give the pattern. You can also wear sheer saree with printed or decorated top (Sheer Saree). opt for blouses that have handwork on the back such as sequins, embroidery, net or lace so that you can highlight the sheen on the organza drape. It is artistically pleasing and you can wear it with a sleeveless blouse too. Go for an elbow length blouse with no lining, or if you find it uncomfortable, you can also go for a blouse with transparent sleeve length.


While wearing a saree, we often do not pay much attention to the basic garment to style it (Sheer Saree). For this reason, make sure that your petticoat is the right length, neither too long nor too short. You should avoid wide cotton petticoats as it is not suitable for delicate and transparent sarees. Replace your cotton petticoat with a satin petticoat in a matching color. You should never mix and match petticoats because your petticoat is visible from the saree and that’s why it plays a very important role in your look.

Pallu Plating

You should not do plating in a fragile saree like sheer because it makes your saree look very heavy. Instead you should pin the pallu on the shoulder or leave it free (Sheer Saree). This will give depth to your entire look and at the same time you can also show your features.

Makeup & Accessories

Make your saree the center of attention and hence pair it with a simple ag accessory like mesh, organza or net saree with diamonds. You can complete your look with a dainty pearl necklace, stud earrings, block heels, stilettos, loose hair and dewy makeup.

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