Transparent Eyeliner Tips to Apply

Transparent Eyeliner Tips to Apply

If you use Instagram, you must have seen liner trends on your feed. If you want, you can also call it the Euphoria Effect or you can consider the effect of the way we have been hiding half of our face with a mask for the last two years, but fun eyeliners are being liked a lot in today’s time. And now the new edition that has come in it is very much liked by the makeup lovers. Yes, we are here to tell you about Transparent Graphic Liner (Eyeliner). If you want, you can also call it #nomakeupmakeup eyeliner trend.

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The trick here is to use your concealer to create a winged look. Yes, now makeup artists are trying new options instead of basic black eyeliner and for this they have also started using concealer. So let us tell you how you too can try this trend.

This is How you can also get a Transparent Graphic liner look (Eyeliner)

If you follow the hottest fashion trends of 2022, then you would know that transparent, sheer, see-through are very trending in today’s time and people are very fond of them. From Camila Cabello’s sheer lace bustier dress to Kendall Jenner’s sheer dress—we’re absolutely loving these nude outfits. So why are we stopping ourselves from adding this fun to our makeup? Meanwhile, a content creator has shared a transparent graphic liner look on Instagram.

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The goal is that you don’t need to hide dark circles with your concealer—they can do a lot more than that. Instead, you can use a creamy concealer that is one or two shades lighter. Keep in mind that the more light shade you use, the brighter it will appear.

Step 1: Prime your lids

It is most important to prepare and set the eye area as the skin around the eyes is very delicate. Because of this, start with a hydrating serum. Next, prime your lids with an eyeshadow primer.

Step 2: Wing It

Now take a flat-angle brush. Dip it in concealer and then draw a thin line on your lower lash line and give an ampy wing shape. To complete the look, gently pat the concealer onto your skin and then blend outwards to create a seamless finish. Finish your look with a loose setting powder.

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