Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips

Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips: As much happiness as pregnancy brings to a woman and her family, there are some restrictions and precautions as well.

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Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips

Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips: As much happiness as pregnancy brings to a woman and her family, there are some restrictions and precautions as well. Because these nine months are not easy for any woman. He has to go through many physical and mental changes. Amidst the prohibition of many things, if a pregnant woman has to travel a long route, then this thing creates a thousand questions in her mind.

Because travel is often prohibited during pregnancy. But if you have to travel during pregnancy for emergency or some work or if you are going on a long journey with the permission of the doctor, then here we are suggesting some expert tips for you to travel safely during pregnancy. which can be of great use to you.

Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips

Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips

Stay Hydrated

It is extremely important to stay hydrated while traveling and especially during pregnancy. This is because dehydration during pregnancy is not good for health. You may also complain of edema after travelling. That is why during travel, keep 2-3 bottles of water with you and keep drinking water after every 30 minutes.

keep Food and Drink with you

If you are traveling for long routes, then definitely carry healthy snacks and fluids with you. Because outside food and drink can have a bad effect on your health and anyway you have to keep eating something every once in a while so that the energy remains in the body. Being hungry or thirsty for a long time can put the body at risk of dehydration. So always keep your breakfast and food items with you (Traveling During Pregnancy Safety Tips).

Keep Feet Elevated

During pregnancy, the production of blood in the body of women increases by about 50%. Due to this swelling occurs in pregnancy. On the other hand, if you sit for a long time with your feet hanging during the journey, then swelling in your feet can increase (Traveling During Pregnancy). To avoid this, sit for a while with the legs folded and take the support of a stool etc. to keep the feet elevated for a while.

Place Cushion Behind Waist

Similar women complain of back pain during pregnancy. In such a situation, while traveling on long routes, sitting in the same position for a long time can increase back pain. That is why during travel, keep a cushion with you and take it behind your waist (Traveling During Pregnancy).

It is Necessary to Take Permission from the Doctor

If you are planning any long route trip during pregnancy, do not forget to ask your doctor before that. Plan to travel during pregnancy only after getting permission from the doctor (Traveling During Pregnancy). Also do not forget to take your medical kit with you. Along with the medicines taken during your pregnancy, after asking the doctor, you must also keep common medicines eaten in cold, cough and fever along with you.

Choose the Right Time of Travel Period

In case of emergency, you can travel during any period of pregnancy with the consultation of your doctor. But as much as possible, do not travel the long route in the first three months of pregnancy or in the first trimester. The second trimester 3-6 months is the best time to travel. At the same time, due to the big baby bump in 6-9 months third trimester, it is uncomfortable to travel (Traveling During Pregnancy).

Take Rest in Between

If you are traveling by your car, then stop the car in a gap of 2-2 hours and go out and walk for a while. By doing this, the blood circulation of the body remains correct and you do not suffer much. Apart from this, if you want, you can also lie down for a while in the rear seat of the car. On the other hand, if your journey is 10 hours or more, then it would be better if you take a hotel in the middle of the city and stay for 1 night and travel again the next day. This will not put much pressure on your body (Traveling During Pregnancy).

Take Care of Personal Hygiene

If you want to keep drinking water during travel, then obviously you may have to go to the toilet several times. You can also keep a pee safe spray or a pee stand with you while using the public restroom. With this you can protect yourself from urine infection. Because having urine infection during pregnancy is not free from risk.

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