How to Check Adulteration Turmeric Powder at Home

How to Check Adulteration Turmeric Powder at Home

Turmeric Powder: The most commonly used spice in Indian cuisine is turmeric. Turmeric is used for everything from cooking to healing wounds on the body. Nowadays everyone consumes turmeric milk to boost the immune system. But if this turmeric is adulterated, then it does not get the full benefit.

Also, if you apply fake turmeric on the wound it can have harmful effects. Not only this, being adulterated with thousands of properties, turmeric can also cause many diseases. In such a situation, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) has recently shared a video to test turmeric, with the help of which you can identify real and fake turmeric present in your kitchen.

How to Check Adulteration Turmeric Powder at Home

Actually, FSSAI has started a series through social media to check adulterated material. Whose name is #Detectingfoodadultera. Earlier, it was told an easy way to check the adulteration of salt and greens. Now one such video has been shared on Twitter, from which the purity of turmeric can be ascertained. So let’s know how to identify real and fake turmeric sitting at home.

To check the purity of turmeric, you have to follow the 4 steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Take a glass of water.

Step 2 – Now mix turmeric powder in water

Step 3 – If there is no adulteration in turmeric then turmeric will sit under the water and the water will turn light yellow.

Step 4 – On the other hand, if turmeric is adulterated, it will make the color of the water dark yellow.

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Perhaps you will be surprised to know this, but maize powder, yellow color and rice grains are being mixed in turmeric. This adulteration is wreaking havoc on the liver. However, recognizing the purity of turmeric has become a challenge these days. Additional color, texture or artificial flavor is added to it. Any adulterated food is considered injurious to health and can cause diseases.

That is why it would be better if you buy turmeric powder packet from the market with FSSAI approval. Avoid buying turmeric powder that is available in loose weight outside, as the chances of adulteration are even higher.