Tv Actress Chahat Khanna Talks About Her Relationship with Rohan Gandotra

Tv Actress Chahat Khanna Talks About Her Relationship with Rohan Gandotra

‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ TV actress Chahat Khanna has been in the headlines for some time now. Chahat had recently shared a cozy picture on social media with actor Rohan Gandotra, after which there were reports that both are dating each other and both are in a relationship for some time. Chahat has now revealed how true this thing was, how many lies.

Actually, Chahat has put an end to the news coming about Rohan and their relationship. Talking about this, the actress said, ‘Rohan and I are working on 4 projects together back to back and that is why we are spending time with each other and hanging out.


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During the media interview, Chahat Khanna said, “I met Rohan a year ago in connection with a project. After that we both did three more projects together. Amidst all these things, we both saw a good friend in each other. After that both of us started our work relationship. Today we are just best friends.” Chahat further says that I have very few friends in the industry and one of them is Rohan. When we both work together, both of us often like to have parties together.

Chahat Khanna also said, “I am definitely struggling in professional life but in personal life I am very happy with my daughters. That’s enough for me. I am handling them alone. Being a single mother is very challenging. But it gives you the power to fight back. Society often misjudges women who go into a relationship after remarrying and having children. But, the truth is, there is nothing wrong with divorced women or single moms looking for love again.”

He further added, “The secret of a successful married life is having a compatible life partner. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and nothing can be better than this if you find a partner who keeps your soul calm. But if there is someone who is made up of elements like you, then that relationship will never be enough for you. So it is better to be alone.”

Let us tell you that Chahat Khanna, who became famous with the serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, never found happiness in her marriage life. He had two marriages. She married businessman Bharat Narsinghani in December 2006. Even after marriage, he left his acting career. But, barely 8 months into their marriage, in August 2007, Chahat filed an official complaint against her husband for physical and domestic abuse. After which, their relationship of five years and 8 months of marriage broke up. However, after this Chahat married Farhan Mirza in 2013 but this marriage also did not last. Chahat filed for divorce in 2018 and a month later also accused Farhan of sexual abuse. Now Chahat is raising her children as a single mother.

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