Types of Jhumkas to Uplift Any Look

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Types of Jhumkas to Uplift Any Look

Jhumkas are a classy piece of jewelry and they have been in trend for the last two years. However, many may not be aware that jhumkas come in different varieties. For this reason, we have brought here 6 types of jhumkas for you, which help in uplifting any look. You can add three or four of these types of jhumkas to your wardrobe and make your look fabulous this wedding season.

Meenakari Jhumka – Types of Jhumkas

Types of Jhumkas to Uplift Any Look

The best thing about meenakari jhumkas is their colour. Bright pop colors are often added to Meenakari work. Also, you can choose different types of meenakari work earrings. But pink meenakari jhumkas from Banaras are a very good option. The base of these jhumkos is often white and pink colored meenakari work is done on it. If you are looking for a colorful option for the festive season, then these meenakari earrings are a great option.

Hoop Earrings

Types of Jhumkas to Uplift Any Look

As you can also understand from the name that hoop jhumka is inspired by hoop earrings. Many people wear this type of hoop earrings with western wear. Hoop Jhumka is just its Indian version. People who do not like earrings that are too heavy can opt for this type of jhumkas. They look heavy in appearance but they are light when worn.

Chand Bali Jhumka

These earrings are in the shape of the moon and because of this they are known as Chand Bali. They go with any outfit and are known for their versatility.

Suryakanti Jhumka

Types of Jhumkas to Uplift Any Look

If you want to try simple and elegant jhumka and make it a part of your daily look, then Suryakanti jhumka is the best. The stud portion of the jhumkas is big and round and is designed taking inspiration from the sun and that is why it is called Suryakanti. Jhumkas are attached below it. Big gold suryakanti jhumka is a very good option for party, wedding or small get together. (Types of Jhumkas)

fringe earrings

You will find many types of fringed earrings in the house. This gives you a frill like effect. The frill in it can be of pearls or there can be jhumka size attachments. Also they can be made from metallic string. Fringes can be of any type but they give a volumizing effect to your ears.

kashmiri jhumka

kashmiri jhumka

Kashmiri jhumka is a tradition jhumka. Their main attraction is the long string of love, below which there are earrings. Also, it creates a unique effect and behind the ear. It elongates the neck. Kashmiri jhumkas are the perfect option for you if you have a short neck.

You can uplift any ethnic look with these 6 types of jhumkas and look your best this festive season.

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