You Can Use Lipstick to Contour your Face Follow These Steps

You Can Use Lipstick to Contour your Face Follow These Steps

Lipsticks play an important role in all of our cosmetic collections. Even our makeup is never complete without lipstick but did you know that you can use lipstick for many other things as well. Yes, you read that right. Lipstick is not only useful for lips, but if you want, you can use it as a blush, eyeshadow or even as a contour. So let us tell you how you can use lipstick as a contour.

Use Brown Shade

If you like neutral tones then you must have brown lipstick. Most of the women love to buy a lipstick shade that complements their skin tone and for this reason we are sure that you will have a perfect brown shade that supports your skin, which you can also use as a contour.

You can contour your face with a single brown shade. However, if you have a dark and light shade of brown lipstick, you can also create a defined contour with minimal effort. With this you will be able to highlight your features well.

Use a Cream Textured Lipstick

Use a lipstick that has a creamy texture. If your lipstick is creamy textured like your beauty products, you’ll be able to blend out contouring lines more easily. Also, it will not look like a patch on your skin. However, if you have glossy or matte lipstick, you may not get the look you want. This texture may not be able to blend with the rest of your makeup. For this reason, make sure to check the texture of your lipstick before contouring your face.

Find the Contouring Points and Sections of your Face

To get the perfect contour look, you need to know the sections of your face or where to apply it. If you don’t choose the right place, you might not get the look you want. You should contour the sections of your forehead, cheeks, jawline etc.

If you want extra definition then you should make a line with lipstick. However, if you want a neutral look, you should just dot those sections with lipstick.

Use Damp Sponge

If you are contouring your face using lipstick, then use a damp sponge to blend it. Women often use dry sponges, which do not work for them and at the same time spoil the whole look. If you use a damp sponge, you will get the perfect contour look.

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