Tips and Tricks to Use Public Washroom Safely

Tips and Tricks to use Public Washroom Safely

Like me, you too must be stuck in a situation where you have to use the public washroom. However, many times infections like UTI are caused by using public washrooms because a public washroom is the most unhygienic place, but we have to use them under compulsion. Especially when we are traveling.

These washrooms are used by many people in a day. Because of this, there are a lot of germs and bacteria here and if you do not want to get caught in this kind of situation again, then we have brought some very good tips and tricks for you in this article.

Tips and Tricks to Use Public Washroom Safely

Tips and Tricks to use Public Washroom Safely

Toilet Sanitizer is a Must

Always keep toilet sanitizer in your bag and spray it at least 10 minutes before using the toilet seat. Toilet sanitizer is the most effective and effective product. Plus it’s easy to use and kills any germs found on the toilet seat. Also, it prevents infection from occurring. Apart from this, it comes in different fragrances and due to this you do not have to tolerate the bad smell of public restrooms.

intimate wipes

Although our vagina cleans naturally and keeps bacteria away, intimate wipes can come in handy in public washrooms. When you are done using the washroom, you should take an intimate wipe and clean your genitals from front to back. By doing this, you prevent bacteria from reaching the vaginal area. However, take care not to use too much wipe on your vagina as it is a very delicate part of your body.

Reusable or Disposable Urinating Device

This is a very good option for women who usually have to use the public washroom a lot. Sometimes there is no water in public washrooms, or they are not even clean for a long time, in which case you can use a disposable urinating device. With the help of this device, women can urinate standing up and for that they do not have to sit or squat in a dirty place.

How to Use Public Washrooms Smartly

Tips and Tricks to use Public Washroom Safely

First go to The Stall

It is quite surprising that most of the people go to the far away stall and they think that the far one will be more clean. Because of this, always go to the earlier stall as it is not used by most of the people.

Toilet Seat Cover

You can easily buy toilet seat covers online or in any store. You must invest in it to be safe. Actually, spreading tissue paper on the seat does not provide much protection and by doing so, tissue paper also wastes a lot.

Flushing Technics

Wrap a piece of tissue paper over your finger and then flush. By doing this your hands will not come in direct contact with the bacteria. Also, using the same tissue, open the door and leave it by throwing it in the dustbin. Always remember to sanitize your hands after using the washroom.

Don’t put Bags on The Floor

The washroom floor is the most dirty and there are a lot of germs, so never put your bag on the floor. This can cause germs to get on your bag and then reach your hands.

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