Varun Dhawan can take seven rounds with his childhood girlfriend, actor reveals himself

Varun Dhawan can take seven rounds with his childhood girlfriend

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan is within the news these days for his movie Coolie No.1. Sara Ali Khan has worked with him on this movie. Although the movie didn’t manage to show much on screen, the songs of the movie are very popular.

Apart from the movie, Varun Dhawan is also within the news from time to time with his girlfriend Natasha. In fact, the news of their marriage is going viral on social media these days. Meanwhile, Varun Dhawan has broken his silence over the news of his marriage to Natasha. It additionally says when their wedding will take place.

The duo of Varun Dhawan and Natasha is famous in Bollywood industries. Each have high fan following. Let’s say that the two have known one another for years, which is why they now want to connect with one another for generations. So let’s find out what Varun Dhawan stated about his marriage.

Varun Dhawan can take seven rounds with his childhood girlfriend

I will marry Natasha soon – Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan said on the news of his marriage that the wedding has been under discussion for three years. He said there is currently no date or year set for marrying Natasha. Because now’s the time of uncertainty in the whole world. Although I myself am involved in its planning, nothing has been fixed yet.

Varun Dhawan said that if things go well with Corona in 2021, he can marry Natasha this year. The implication is clear that Varun doesn’t want to get married but because of Corona. In it he made it clear that he wouldn’t marry until the situation returned to normal.

Varun Dhawan can take seven rounds with his childhood girlfriend

Importantly, the pair of Natasha and Varun Dhawan are famous within the streets of Bollywood. His followers in are very much looking forward to this wedding. The two are believed to be engaged, however haven’t but been confirmed. It remains to be seen when the two will finally get married.

We have known each other since childhood – Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan talked so much about his girlfriend Natasha. At first we were very good friends and then we fell in love. It’s to be mentioned that Varun didn’t admit his relationship with Dhawan and Natasha for a few years.

Varun Dhawan spoke openly about his love. We both understood each other very well. That is why we’re still with each other and will continue to be so.

For your information, Varun Dhawan’s name was associated with Alia Bhatt at the beginning of his career. The duo was much loved by the followers. Apart from that, Varun Dhawan’s name has additionally been associated with Tapasi Pannu.

If we talk about Varun Dhawan’s career, his movie Coolie No. 1 was released recently. It saw his opposite Sara Ali Khan. Followers didn’t like the pair. That is the reason why this movie joined the series of flops. Let it’s known that Varun Dhawan has acted in many movies so far.