Viral Fever Symptoms & Treatment: Viral Fever Home Remedy

Viral Fever Symptoms & Treatment: Viral Fever Home Remedy

Viral Fever Symptoms: Most people have a body temperature of around 98.6°F (37°C). Anything above one degree above this is considered a fever. Fever is often a sign that your body is fighting some sort of bacterial or viral infection. Viral fever can be any fever that is caused by a viral disease or infection. A variety of viral infections can affect humans, from the common cold to the flu. Viral fever is a symptom of many viral infections. But some viral infections, such as dengue, malaria, etc. can cause high fever. But first of all there is a need to know the symptoms of viral fever. Only after knowing this, you can do viral fever home remedy.

Viral Fever Symptoms

The temperature of a viral fever can range from 99°F to 103°F (39°C), depending on the type of virus causing the fever. If you have viral fever, you may have some of these viral fever symptoms:

  • chills
  • to sweat
  • Dehydration
  • Headache
  • Pain in the muscles or all over the body
  • feeling weak
  • loss of appetite
  • Tiredness
  • increased body temperature
  • having a cough
  • joint pain
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • skin rash
  • Throat pain
  • Redness and burning in the eyes
  • In the initial days of viral fever, problems like sore throat, fatigue, cough.

Viral Fever Home Remedy

In most cases, viral fever does not require any viral fever treatment medicine. Despite this, you should consult a doctor to prevent viral fever and take antibiotics prescribed by him. But if you want to treat viral fever at home, then here we are also telling you the panacea for viral fever.

Cinnamon for Viral Fever Treatment

Cinnamon decoction is a great remedy for any kind of viral fever as it is a natural antibiotic that can soothe a sore throat and treat cold and cough. Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 2 cardamom pods in a cup of boiling water. Boil it for 5 minutes. Then filter the water and drink it.

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Basil for Viral Fever Treatment

Basil is a widely used home remedy for treating viral fever, mainly due to its anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. Basil juice can be prepared by boiling basil leaves with half a teaspoon of cloves. When the water is reduced to half, filter it and your basil juice is ready! To get relief, drink this medicine every two hours until you notice a difference in your symptoms.

Giloy Benefit to Treat Viral Fever

Giloy can be used in the treatment of various fevers including chronic, dengue, malaria and hay fever. Giloy has properties to fight and reduce fever. Similarly, Giloy has anti-inflammatory properties that attack fever and help the body maintain a normal temperature. Giloy juice or decoction of Giloy can be given to reduce fever. Alternatively, Giloy powder can be mixed with a few drops of honey and taken as per the doctor’s advice.

Turmeric & Dry Ginger for Viral Fever Treatment

Turmeric and ginger are two wonderful spices that are loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. These spices have been known in Indian households for ages to relieve some of the symptoms of viral fever such as cough, vomiting, enlarged sinuses and congestion. You can consume them in viral fever after consulting an ayurvedic doctor.

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Garlic Oil to Treat Viral Fever

In most parts of North India, people use mustard oil and garlic for daily cooking. However, not many people know the magical powers of these ingredients. Mustard oil and garlic both are effective in treating viral fever. For this, cook 6-7 garlic in two tablespoons of mustard oil and when it cools down, massage the hands and feet with lukewarm oil.

Benefit of Ginger in Viral Fever Treatment

Ginger tea also works as a panacea in viral fever. If you mix black pepper with it, then understand that the power of fighting the virus has doubled. For this you have to first make regular ginger tea. To make it, boil water, milk and grated/chopped ginger. After a few minutes, put the tea leaves to boil a little. Lastly, add a pinch of black pepper to that ginger tea. Your healthy tea is ready to fight your viral fever.

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Honey and Lemon for Viral Fever Treatment

The right mixture of honey and lemon is extremely useful in reducing viral symptoms like cold and flu. While honey provides energy, lemon juice helps reduce bacteria. To make this juice, mix two spoons of honey and lemon. Add a teaspoon of ginger juice to the lemon-honey mixture. Drink this mixture at least three to four times a day.

Coriander Tea

Coriander is rich in vitamins and phytonutrients. It is a natural source of boosting your immunity. Coriander tea is helpful in relieving symptoms of viral fever like runny nose. To make coriander tea, boil coriander seeds in water and add some milk and honey to it. Drink once it cools down. It is recommended to drink coriander tea at least twice a day till your viral symptoms subside.

Rice Starch

A traditional home remedy for treating viral symptoms is rice starch. Rice starch is a natural and healthy drink that helps in boosting immunity, especially in children and the elderly. To make rice starch, cook the rice until the rice grains are half cooked, and then strain the water. It is recommended to drink rice starch hot for immediate effect. Without any side effects, these home remedies are easily available in our kitchen and are extremely beneficial in relieving viral symptoms.

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Viral Fever FAQs

Q1. How long does viral fever last?

Ans: Viral fever lasts for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 5-6 days.

Q2. What is the cause of viral fever?

Ans: Viral fever usually occurs due to weakening of immunity due to change of season. Apart from this, living with a patient with viral fever is also a major reason for this.

Q3. When should I go to the doctor?

Ans: When the fever persists continuously to 101 or above, then one should go to the doctor immediately.

Q4. What are the measures to prevent viral fever?

Ans: The above-mentioned home remedies can be adopted to prevent viral fever.

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