How to Take Care of Warm Winter Clothes Tips

How to Take Care of Warm Winter Clothes Tips

To keep our body warm in the winter season, we use sweaters or warm clothes. But taking care of warm clothes is not easy. One problem with warm clothes is that they tend to shrink and fade after a couple of washes. If you want to keep warm clothes like new for a long time, then some of the remedies mentioned by us here can help you. know How to Take Care of Warm Winter Clothes Tips.

How to Take Care of Warm Winter Clothes Tips

Actually, woolen and warm clothes are very sensitive delicates, so it is very important to take special care of them. Because woolen clothes tend to have weeping, shrinking and discoloration because of the problem and if you do not pay attention to them then they can get spoiled very quickly. In such a situation, taking care of them while wearing or storing them is a big challenge. That is why today here we are going to tell you some easy tips (How to Take Care of Warm Winter Clothes) to take care of warm clothes, by following which you can keep them fresh for a long time.

How to Take Care of Warm Winter Clothes Tips

Don’t wash hot clothes everyday

Washing hot clothes frequently reduces their shine. These clothes should be washed every one to two weeks. If you do not wear them much then washing them 2-3 times in a month is enough. By doing this, the shine in woolen clothes remains intact for a long time.

Always use liquid detergent

Liquid detergent or mild detergent should be used to wash woolen clothes. Liquid detergents contain very mild chemicals that are suitable for woolen fabrics. Do not wash them with detergent powder.

Use Alum

Use alum in water while cleaning warm clothes. Warm clothes will not shrink from alum. With this, your warm clothes will also look like new for a long time.

Don’t rub hot clothes

Try to wash woolen clothes by hand instead of machine. If you want to keep warm clothes like new, don’t rub them too much. Excessive rubbing causes the color of warm clothes to fade. You can soak the sweater in water overnight to clean it thoroughly.

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Warm clothes need to see the sun

Do not dry hot clothes in strong sunlight after washing. Turn clothes upside down while drying in the sun. Apart from this, there is often moisture in the cold season. Woolen clothes get fungus due to moisture, which sometimes is not even visible from above.

Do not direct press woolen Garments

Do not use normal iron at all while pressing on woolen cloth. Always use steam iron for this. If you don’t have a steam press, you can press a cotton cloth over the sweater.

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