How To Wash Your Hair Correctly Step by Step

How To Wash Your Hair Correctly: Every girl wants her hair to be very healthy, thick and shiny. For this, all kinds of home remedies and hair care products are also used. But many people get benefit from it and some people find it frustrating. But there is no need to worry, you just have to follow some special expert tips while washing hair and then see how your hair problems will start disappearing in a few days.

How To Wash Your Hair Correctly Step by Step

The way you take care of your skin, hair also needs extra care. But due to lack of time, many people are unable to pay special attention to their hair. That is why here we are telling you the right way to wash hair with some tips, with the help of which you can get thick, long, dark and shiny hair. So what is the delay, to get long, thick and shiny hair, try this the right way to wash hair.

Step 1 – First of all, comb your hair and detangle it well. Do this when your hair is dry. By doing this, you can easily use cleansing products in your hair.

Step 2 – Just like you use shampoo, conditioner for hair care, they also need oil massage. If you want good results, then do a champ of oil in the hair 2 hours before washing the hair.

Step 3 – After this, massage your scalp by dipping your pores in lukewarm water. Doing this will open the hair cuticles. With the cuticles open, the product you use will be better absorbed into your hair.

Step 4 – Now wash your hair with water. After this, dilute the shampoo with some water in a jug and apply it in the hair. Keep in mind that do not use shampoo in the hair more than once, whether it comes out lather or comes out. After massaging the hair with shampoo for 1 minute, wash the hair thoroughly with water.

Step 5 – Now take some conditioner in your palms and leave it at the roots of the hair and apply it till the ends and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash hair with normal water.

Step 6 – After this, if possible, wrap your hair in a microfiber towel for 15-20 minutes and do not wipe them at all. These towels are very gentle on the hair and also prevent you from getting frizzy.

Step 7 – Then remove the towels from the hair and leave them like this and comb them only after drying.

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