Tips to Follow If You Want To Wear Off Shoulder Blouse

Tips to Follow If You Want To Wear Off Shoulder Blouse

If there is one outfit that all Indian women like to wear, it is only Saree. Sarees come in many different styles and are available in different types of fabrics. However, with the passage of time, the style of the saree has also changed in many ways, but still the saree still looks as elegant as it used to be (Tips for Off Shoulder Blouse).

One of these types of saree comes with Off Shoulder Blouse. However, not many women wear off-shoulder saris. This is because women find it a bit difficult and tricky to wear and carry an off shoulder blouse. In such a situation, to make it easy, we have brought some tricks for you.

Because no woman would like to feel uncomfortable after wearing such an elegant saree. Also, you should not carry an outfit in which you cannot feel confident. Because of this, if you want to wear a sari with an off shoulder blouse, then these tips will be very useful for you.

Tips to Follow If You Want To Wear Off Shoulder Blouse

Tips to Follow If You Want To Wear Off Shoulder Blouse

How to keep Blouse Sleeve in Place

When you wear an off shoulder blouse, its sleeves should be on point but we know that it is not easy to do because the shoulders tend to slide again and again and that is why we have come up with some simple solutions.

– Take a strong rubber band and put safety pins on both the sides of your sleeve.

– Now attach the band from inside with both the safety pins and press it inside.

– Also, keep in mind that the safety pin is not visible from outside.

– You repeat this on the other side as well.

– Once done, put on the blouse and just your sleeve will be on point.

Take Care of the Fitting of the Blouse

The fitting of your blouse should be perfect so that you can flaunt your curves in the saree. When it comes to off-shoulder fitting, blouse fitting becomes essential because when your sleeves fall down, the blouse also starts falling down.

Because of this, make sure that your blouse fits snugly. It should neither be too tight nor too loose.

How to Pin Pallu

One of the best parts of a saree is its pallu. Women love to flaunt the pallu of a saree and play with it. But if you don’t pin it properly, you might not even flaunt it. When you wear an off shoulder blouse, you get confused about where to pin the pallu. Actually, you should pin your pallu where it can get the most support.

We suggest you pin the pallu just behind the shoulder. Also pin the pallu to the sari on your waist. This will keep your pallu in its place.

Choose the Right Bra

For the best shape, you need a bra that will help you maintain the style of your off shoulder blouse and can also support your breast. Because of this, you can either wear a stick on bra or opt for a strapless bra. Both of these are the best bras for backless, strapless and off shoulder outfits.

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