These Wedding Trends Could Be Popular in 2022

These Wedding Trends Could Be Popular in 2022

Wedding season is such, which is celebrated all over the world. Let us tell you that India’s wedding industry does business of $ 14 business of the world economy and we are going to tell you here which wedding trends are going to be famous in 2022.

These Wedding Trends will Be Seen in 2022

  • Men have started taking pastels and jewelery on rent for their marriage.
  • Women have started experimenting with different colors for their special day.
  • Couples are now making the pre-wedding shoots more luxurious and for this they prefer tail gowns and fancy tuxedos.

What will Be The Color Palette for Brides in 2022

We believe that like the current season, the color palette will remain mixed in 2022 as well. Brides these days prefer to wear bold and bright red colors or pastel colors.

These Wedding Trends Could Be Popular in 2022

What Types of jewelry customization will be Trending

– Elaborate headgear for women

– Simple nose ring

– Delicate necklace

– and Ruby and Peaches for the Men’s Garland

Short or Long Mangal sutra, what will be Their Trend?

These Wedding Trends Could Be Popular in 2022

– Brides are definitely going to love contemporary designs for themselves and they would like to change the design of the typical black-gold traditional Mangal sutra. New age jewelry brands are also designing Mangal sutras with non-traditional, chain like designs which are loved by the minimalist brides.

– Medium length chain and twist style Mangal sutra can be in trend.

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