White Discharge: Symptoms, Causes, and Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea

White water or leucorrhoea is a common problem in women. Teenage girls have the biggest problem with this. Having a little white water is not

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White Discharge: Symptoms, Causes, and Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea

White water or leucorrhoea is a common problem in women. Teenage girls have the biggest problem with this. Having a little white water is not a problem but having too much of it is a matter of concern. Leucorrhoea does not cause death or disease in susceptible women, but it can cause considerable psychological stress or sometimes the fear of failure to conceive. It may vary between the age group of 19 to 47 years. Vaginal discharge is seen in 61% of women. Now the question arises that why leucorrhoea happens, then we are going to give you information related to leucorrhoea here. Along with this, white discharge treatment is also being told.

What is Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is defined as a vaginal discharge that is white, yellow or green in color as a result of sticky, membrane swelling or congestion. It can originate from the vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries, or more commonly, the cervix. The color of the discharge can vary and depends on the menstrual cycle. Vaginal discharge does not cause any kind of pain, itching or burning. Any infection and changes in hormones can lead to abnormal discharge from the vagina, which is called Leucorrhoea.

Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

The problem of leucorrhoea white water is quite common in women. If you have this problem then some of its common symptoms will be seen. If you are facing these symptoms then without wasting any time consult a doctor.

White Discharge: Symptoms, Causes, and Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea

  • Vaginal discharge can be green, yellow, thick
  • Strong and foul-smelling vaginal odor
  • The urethra (vagina) and vagina are red and there will be itching, burning or burning
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and lower limbs
  • Burning and intense itching in the genital tract
  • General fatigue and weakness
  • frequent urination
  • Lack of concentration at work due to being conscious of discharge
  • Mood changes or disturbances
  • Rash on the genital area
  • mild constipation
  • There may be dark spots under the eyes of the patient.

Causes of Leucorrhoea – Reasons for Leucorrhoea

Excess of leucorrhoea can cause weakness and infection and hence it is very important to get it treated. In fact, if the color of the discharge is grayish-white, rusty, green, yellow or brown, it could be a serious concern. Thick white discharge with itching in the vagina can be due to yeast infection. Other reasons for white discharge include not keeping the vaginal area clean, being overly anxious, and lack of several nutrients. Bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections in the vagina can also be the cause. Improper diet and lifestyle can also be a reason for this. Consumption of unbalanced food like fried, heavy, cold, sweet etc. and unbalanced hormones also cause white water problem in female.

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Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea (White Discharge)

Many women experience some vaginal discharge (White Discharge treatment), which is good because it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus in the vagina and cleanses them. But white discharge is too much. So you must consult your doctor. However, we are also telling you here home remedies for licorice, which can solve the problem of white water.

White Discharge: Symptoms, Causes, and Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea

Lady Finger for White water Problem in Female

Although lady finger is a favorite vegetable of many people, but it can also be used to get rid of the problem of white water. Boil bhindi in water and churn it in a mixer. Some women also consume bhindi soaked in curd.

Coriander Seeds for White water Problem

Soak coriander seeds in water overnight, filter it in the morning and consume it on an empty stomach. This is one of the easiest and safest home remedies to treat white discharge (leucorrhoea).

Fenugreek Seeds for Leucorrhoea

If the harm caused by Leucorrhoea is bothering you, then you can consume fenugreek seeds. Boiling fenugreek seeds in water and consuming it ends the problem of white water (White Discharge treatment). You can boil fenugreek seeds in 500 ml of water until the water is reduced to half. Then drink this water when it cools down.

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Basil for White water Problem in Female

Basil is a natural cure for many diseases. It is one of the most commonly used material in Indian homes. People have been using it for centuries for its medicinal benefits. You can grind basil with water and add a little honey to it. To overcome the problem of white water, consume this drink twice a day. You can also consume basil with milk.

Rice Water for White water Problem in Female

You can drink rice starch (water in which rice is boiled) regularly to overcome the problem of white water. If you are constantly dealing with the problem of white discharge, then rice starch is very good.

Amla for Leucorrhoea

Amla is an Indian superfood. Rich in Vitamin C and many other nutrients, Amla helps in boosting immunity and keeps you healthy. You can eat it in any form – raw, powder, marmalade or homemade candies. Consuming gooseberry regularly will also remove the problem of white water.

Guava Leaves for Leucorrhoea

Along with the wonderful fruit of guava in taste, its leaves are also beneficial for health. Guava leaves are a home remedy for Leucorrhoea in the problem of white water. If you have vaginal discharge along with itching, you can boil some guava leaves in water and drink it after it cools down. Drink it twice a day.

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Apple Cider Vinegar for Leucorrhoea

Apple cider vinegar has antifungal properties that restore the pH balance of your vagina. It also enhances the growth of healthy bacteria. Also known as a popular PCOS remedy, apple cider vinegar goes a long way in getting rid of the problem of white water. You can consume it by mixing 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.

Aloe Vera for Leucorrhoea

According to several studies, aloe Vera helps in curing excessive white discharge and treats yeast infections with its antifungal properties. Its consumption increases white blood cells blood cells (White Discharge treatment), which in turn boosts your immunity to fight against yeast infections internally. Drink aloe Vera juice daily to see the improvement. Or add two teaspoons of fresh aloe Vera gel to any fruit or vegetable juice and blend. Consume it every morning.

Banana for Leucorrhoea

The nutrients present in bananas help in preventing white discharge. It improves immunity and helps you overcome weakness (White Discharge treatment), fatigue and mental stress caused by leucorrhoea. Mash a banana and add a spoonful of butter to it and then drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for a week as a home remedy for leucorrhoea.

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Garlic for White water Problem in Female

The antioxidants present in garlic are beneficial when it comes to leucorrhoea. Garlic is effective for fungal and bacterial infections, itching and abnormal excessive discharge. Include garlic in sufficient quantity in your diet. You can also include it in homemade food (White Discharge treatment). This will help you avoid the damage caused by leucorrhoea.

FAQ’s on Leucorrhoea

Q1. When does white water come out?

Ans: When the level of estrogen starts increasing in the body, then the discharge from the vagina becomes like white water.

Q2. What is the harm if white water comes?

Ans: Due to the arrival of white water, there is pain in the hands and feet, pain in the waist, strain in the calves, heavy body, irritability.

Q3. How many types of Leucorrhoea are there?

Ans: Generally there are four types of leucorrhoea. The first is simple, which comes and goes with periods. Second, it is caused by sex-borne infections. The third is due to the pimple inside the uterus and the fourth is due to cancer of the uterus.

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