Why do I Get A Rash on My Chest During My Period Reason

Why do I Get A Rash on My Chest During My Period Reason

Every woman has different experiences during menstruation. Have you missed your period or your period is irregular then you should think about it. Because it can be the cause of some serious problem or rashes on the skin. You may also have eczema or other skin problems. know Why do I Get A Rash on My Chest During My Period Reason.

Same if there are changes in your skin during menstruation, then you should pay attention to it in time. Actually having pimples, acne or rashes during menstruation is a very common problem. But if this happens continuously and the problem is increasing then you cannot ignore it. Especially if you have rashes and itching on your chest during periods, then you should be alert. This may be due to the increased progesterone hormone in your body. So let’s know about it in detail. Rash on My Chest During My Period Reason.

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a hormone found in the female body. It works as a hormone replacement therapy by reducing the level of estrogen in the uterus of girls. Because of this, menstruation starts in women. It also helps in regularizing the menstrual cycle. Due to this progesterone, the menstrual cycle remains regular from month to month.

Progesterone Hyper Sensitivity

According to raredisease.info.nih.gov, progesterone hypersensitivity affects the skin. This often happens during menstruation. These symptoms start appearing about 3-10 days before menstruation. But it goes away after menstruation. Skin problems such as swollen skin, lumps in the breast, gallstones, itchy skin or flaky patches are very common during menstruation. When it increases, symptoms like blue or asthma also appear.

Progesterone Increase is the Reason

Progesterone levels begin to rise slowly after ovulation, following the end of the menstrual cycle. When progesterone levels in the body increase, the symptoms are similar to those of premenstrual syndrome. During this, chest swelling, depression, fatigue or weight gain can be seen. Actually the problem of bile is more visible during menstruation. In that case, certain hormones trigger this type of allergy. But for some women it can be risk. Which can be considered as autoimmune progesterone dermatitis (APD).

What is the Treatment

You should talk to the doctor about this problem in time. There is no use in ignoring it. Topical steroid or antihistamine creams are recommended for itching and rashes on the chest during menstruation. Apart from this, hormone therapy is also advised to prevent the overproduction of progesterone. But you should never ignore it. Consult a doctor in time and take care of yourself.

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