Why Planes Don’t Allow Water Reason

Why Planes Don’t Allow Water Reason: Nowadays everyone likes to travel in flight to reach from one place to another in less time. But unlike other travel transport, there are many rules and regulations in the flight, which all the passengers have to follow. One of them is the water bottle from your home.

Why Planes Don’t Allow Water Reason

Yes, we say homemade water bottle because airlines do not allow passengers to bring their own water onboard at the airport. Often you and I have to say bye-bye to the water brought with us at the airport at the security check itself. But what is the reason behind this? You have never tried to know this. So no problem, here we tell you about this secret.

Why Can’t you Carry your Own Water during Air Travel?

Some time ago the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has revealed the secret that why you cannot take water brought from outside the airport with you in the flight. Actually, in the year 2006, UK’s MI5 suspected a person that he goes to Pakistan many times. Due to this they raided his house. After this a startling revelation happened. Because that person was making water explosive at home. (Why Planes Don’t Allow Water Reason)

Explosives that look just like water, but explode when they come in contact with the wrong things. During interrogation, the police also came to know that he was inventing such techniques by which the sealed water bottle could be filled with chemical by extracting water, which was also difficult to scan. The CIA says it has prevented many such attacks by restricting water to airports. (Why Planes Don’t Allow Water Reason)

How Can We Carry Water inside the Flight?

Even if you do not allow the water brought with you from home to be taken on the flight, but after checking, you can take only the water bottle bought from the airport on the flight. Yes, once you are past the checkpoint, you will need to fill your bottle with water from a drinking fountain or refill station at the airport so that it can be consumed once on board. However, if you have brought water with you and want to take it on the flight, then at the security check you will have to show that the bottle is sealed or else you will have to drink it. (Why Planes Don’t Allow Water Reason)

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