10 Things Women Don’t Like About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very lovely time for women. This is the time when women consider themselves complete. However, as the time of pregnancy increases, along

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About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very lovely time for women. This is the time when women consider themselves complete. However, as the time of pregnancy increases, along with the body of women, the nature also starts changing. Most women do not like these things related to pregnancy. In this article, we will know in detail the changes in pregnancy in women (About ), due to which they start feeling uncomfortable.

Women do Not like These Things About Pregnancy

In fact, the time of pregnancy is very special for every woman. But, they do not like some changes that happen during pregnancy. Below are the information related to it:

1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness is the most common problem that a pregnant woman has to face during pregnancy. Due to the problem of nausea in the morning or at any time, it becomes difficult for women to eat and drink. In such a situation, it is a very difficult time for them, which no woman likes.

2. Weight Gain

If suddenly a dress of your choice does not fit, then how much do you worry? The same irritability is felt by pregnant women when their weight starts increasing. They have to change their entire wardrobe according to their increased weight. Sometimes when she is not able to wear her favorite dress, she feels worse.

3. Pain Discomfort

Not only the dress of choice, but due to weight gain, women also start complaining of pain in many parts of the body. Sometimes it becomes normal to have pain in the waist, sometimes in the back and sometimes in the legs.

4. Feeling Tired

Women have always been seen as an all rounder. Be it taking care of the house or working outside, she always plays her role with full enthusiasm. In such a situation, with every day in pregnancy, their enthusiasm starts decreasing, they start feeling tired. They start to feel that they are no longer as agile as before and that they are going to need the help of others for everything. They have to depend on someone else for the smallest work, which they do not like.

5. Sensitivity of The Breast

During pregnancy, many changes take place in the body of women. Being sensitive to breasts is also one of them. Because of this, they start having trouble wearing bra, which they do not like.

6. Having Mood Swings

Changes in mood during pregnancy are also no less than a problem for women. It is said that sometimes there is no happiness and sometimes sorrow, sometimes their nature starts changing in small things. In such a situation, many times other people also get into trouble, due to which the pregnant feels very bad. But due to the changes taking place in her body, she is compelled.

7. Feeling Tired

The more the pregnancy progresses, the more lethargic you feel. Actually, weight does increase during pregnancy but the immune power of the woman starts decreasing. The result is exhaustion, irritability, due to which the woman starts feeling unfit in herself.

8. Having Stretch Marks

Women also do not like if there is a stain on the body. In such a situation, when they get very upset after seeing stretch marks due to the stretch on the stomach during pregnancy. Because somewhere they go dusk that these stretch marks scars hardly go away. This stain also affects their dress. Because of this, many times they are not able to even wear clothes of their choice. So it is obvious that bad things have to happen.

9. Heartburn

Acidity and heartburn can also occur during pregnancy. In such a situation, due to this problem, they cannot even eat things of their choice, due to which their entire mood gets spoiled.

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So these were some things that no woman likes about pregnancy. Hope you liked this article of ours. Apart from these, if there are some things related to pregnancy, which bother you, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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