Daily Workout Exercise Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Daily Workout Exercise Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Daily Workout Exercise Reduce Neck and Back Pain: Due to the COVID epidemic, people’s work from home has been going on for a long time. People work by sitting in front of the screen for hours, due to which problems of back pain, body pain have started. Know how to get rid of this pain. know Daily Workout Exercise Reduce Neck and Back Pain.

Nowadays anyway, a person of every age is troubled by pain in different parts of the body like bones, neck, back, waist, knees. For some it is less and for some it is more. The problem of body pain has increased even more during the culture of working from home. Especially in the cold season, the body becomes more rigid and body pain increases.

Like knee pain, now shoulder pain has also increased a lot. Because now most of the youth’s time is spent in front of the screen. Another important cause of shoulder pain is sitting for a long time in one position in the office or work from home and working for long time in front of the screen, handling the mouse. If you have shoulder pain due to any of these reasons, then you can get rid of it by including these 3 workouts by famous dietician Rujuta Diwekar in your daily lifestyle.

Daily Workout Exercise Reduce Neck and Back Pain

Rujuta Diwekar shared a video on her Instagram. In this, he gave information about easy workouts that can be done at home in case of shoulder and back pain. The exercises mentioned in the video are very simple and anyone can do them easily. Plus, you don’t even have to spend much time doing these workouts. If you do these exercises daily, it will be a good exercise for the spine and will also reduce back and neck pain including shoulders.


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First Stretching Exercise

In the first part of the video, Rujuta can be seen sitting on a chair with her arms extended. In which she is seen holding the armrest of the chair placed in front. According to him, doing this pose gives a good stretch to the entire back. (Exercise Reduce Neck)

Second Stretching Exercise

In the second part of the video, Rujuta is sitting on one side of the chair (Exercise Reduce Neck). After this he is holding both the ends of the chair with his palms. They can then be seen moving their shoulder blades and their arms slowly to stretch their back and shoulders.

Third Stretching Exercise

In the third part of the video, Rujuta can be seen doing bird dog exercises (Exercise Reduce Neck). To do this exercise, you can sit on the floor in dog pose. After this, to give a good stretch to your spine, first of all lift the right hand up and then at the same time lift the left one in a straight line. Do this step in turn on each side.

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