Y2K Butterfly Eyeliner Trend is Back Know How to Recreate

Y2K Butterfly Eyeliner Trend is Back Know How to Recreate

Makeup and fashion enthusiasts know that retro hairstyles and eye makeup have always attracted the new generation looking to try something new. Nowadays, butterfly eye makeup, which ran from the 90s to the year 2000, has once again dominated social media. From Hollywood celebs to domestic and foreign beauty influencers and celebs who like some face art are also trying it (Y2K Butterfly Eyeliner Trend).

Consider it an extension of the extra-long lash trend like the butterfly clips and butterfly you’ve seen before. Butterfly Eyeliner (y2k) is a favorite of euphoria makeup lovers and is perfect for creating happy, colorful, positive vibes.

Recreate This For a Minimalist Look

A few days ago, American model Hailey Bieber shared a photo of herself on social media, in which she applied liner in a smudge look in butterfly blue color on the lower lash line with black winged liner. Haley shared several butterfly emojis with this post, showing Pans how to follow the trend in a subtle way.

Bold and Beautiful Butterfly Makeup


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Bold eye makeup is perfect to get the most different and vibrant look. Create butterfly wings with colors like blue, purple. For this, one or two shades can also be mixed, making it more attractive with Rhinestone.

Create wings with soft colors

Y2K Butterfly Eyeliner Trend is Back Know How to Recreate

Create bold butterfly wings near the eyes using sunshine colors like yellow, orange or pastel pink, lilac. These colors look soft yet bright and give a touch of euphoria makeup to the whole look.

Recreate from Outline

Makeup is an art and butterfly makeup is its most creative form. It is not necessary that the butterfly wings look like a drawing, it can also be applied symbolically with different colors.

For an over the top look, you can make your look different, most vibrant and happy by applying butterfly eyeliner in a creative way with any one color.


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People who like to talk with their eyes and always enjoy looking different and who are makeup lovers must follow this trend.

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