Why did Yami Gautam Leave Bollywood Industry

Why did Yami Gautam Leave Bollywood Industry

In the shining world of Bollywood, Yami Gautam is known as an actress who has managed to stay away from the limelight only on the basis of her acting. Actress Yami Gautam, who has ruled the hearts of the audience with her acting from the small screen to the big screen, has recently revealed many secrets related to Bollywood.

In a media interview, Yami told stories about her struggle. Along with this, the flawed system regarding casting in Bollywood has also been exposed. There came a time in her life when she wanted to leave the industry. Yami was beginning to feel that only looks mattered here.

Yami wanted to leave the industry before the film ‘Bala’. Yami Gautam told that she was not able to get recognition for her work. That is why he had made up his mind to leave the industry. But you can’t do anything about it. He also had to face this truth in starting his career.

Wanted to leave Bollywood because of Appearances

Commenting on the system of the film industry, Yami said, “There comes a time when you feel bad about something. My anger is not directed at any one person, I am just sharing my views. I think every artist feels this kind of feeling in the initial days of their career. I am not doing any front or rebellion.

There is no Big PR Team

Yami said, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to face a lot of difficulties. I have been active in the industry for more than 10 years. I don’t have a big PR team. I meet many producers who tell you to focus on your PR. All this has to be done to be included in the hit list. When you are a star, people run after you, paparazzi want to click your photo. A big PR team works behind this. I don’t believe in all this. After all, people have to watch movies. That’s why now I just want to do good work.”

Mother told me to leave Mumbai and Come Back

Yami Gautam told, “I had come to the point that I will not do any further film. I wanted to quit the industry till I did ‘Bala’. Despite doing a good job, I was not getting recognition. I wanted to leave from here. I was not desperate, I love acting. Talked to my mother and she also said that it is okay to come back.

Award functions also Exposed

Yami told that same is the case with award functions. If you are also in lead role and not famous then you are not called for interview. Now I am called everywhere but I am talking about those days when I was struggling to make my identity. The actress said that she was very upset about not being nominated for Bala.

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