Yoga for Headache – Yoga Poses to Treat Headache

Yoga Poses to Treat Headache – Yoga for Headache

Yoga for Headache – Headache has become common due to stressful life in the present times. In such a situation, we often resort to tea and coffee or medicines to get quick relief, but it is not a permanent cure for headache. Anyway, drinking excessive coffee and tea or taking medicines is not good for health. Sometimes headache is also due to fatigue or hunger, but keep in mind that the reason behind this can also be excessive stress and weakness of the eyes.

It is true that due to paucity of time these days we are not able to take out even a little time for ourselves. However, if we give ourselves a little bit of time every day on a regular basis, then we can say bye-bye to stress. If we take some time out and do some yoga, then we can get rid of this pain forever. So let us tell you today in detail about the causes of headache and some yoga to remove it.

Causes of Headaches

There can be many reasons for headache, but the biggest reason is stress. Due to taking more stress, there is a problem of pain in the head every day. When the tension in the body and mind becomes difficult to handle, then it takes the form of a headache. In such a situation, experts suggest that if 10 to 15 minutes of meditation is done every day, then stress can be relieved. Another major cause of headache is exhaustion of mind and body. Yes, due to the hectic routine one has to run excessively, which increases exhaustion.

Headache can also occur due to upset stomach. Since all the parts of our body are connected to each other, therefore any imbalance in one part can also cause problems in other parts. Lack of sleep is also a major reason for headache. At the same time, where you live, what kind of environment there is and how much noise is there, due to this also headache can be caused.

Perhaps you can ignore these things, but it is also true that even if you talk on the phone excessively, you can still have regular headaches. Apart from this, thinking about something, person or thing excessively can also force you to deal with the problem of headache.

Yogasan is Beneficial to Remove Headache

After being aware of all the causes of headache, it is very important that efforts should be made to get rid of headache. Taking headache medicines or drinking tea and coffee will not cure the headache permanently. There is nothing better than yoga for headache. Meditating for at least 15 minutes every day also provides great relief in headache.

Why Yogasan is Important for Headache

The question comes in the mind of many people that why yoga has been considered important to remove headache, then there are many reasons behind it. The first important reason is that with yoga you do not have to face any kind of side effects. If you are taking medicines to cure headache then you should definitely be prepared for side effects. Doing yoga is not an expensive treatment. You just need to take time for yourself.

Yoga can get rid of almost all kinds of diseases. It is not that if you are doing yoga for headache, then you will not get other benefits, but other parts of the body also benefit. Also you remain energetic throughout the day. Insomnia diseases are also diagnosed. You remain completely fit and once you are relaxed, obviously you get a diagnosis from the problems of headache too.

Yoga for Headache

There are many such yogasanas for headache (headache ke liye yoga), which must be done especially in headache. It gets rid of all the problems of headache. So let’s know about some such yogasanas.

Anand Balasan – May You Find Happiness

Yoga Poses to Treat Headache – Yoga for Headache

Ananda Balasana especially calms your mind, relieves you from physical stress and infuses energy. But to get the benefits from it, there should be a right method of doing it or else there is a possibility of getting injured. This is a difficult yoga posture. Although it is also called Happy Baby Pose. To do Anand Balasana, lie down on the waist, now while inhaling the breath, raise the legs straight up, then hold the toes of the feet with both your hands.

Now bring your elbows and knees up to the chest. Now spread your hips comfortably, making space between the legs. Bring your chin towards the chest, but keep in mind that the head and waist are completely on the ground. Now press your tailbone and sacrum bone towards the ground and keep your heels straight upwards. Breathe comfortably and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Now while exhaling, repeat the arms and legs in the reverse process and lie straight on the ground for some time.

Be Careful

If you have a neck or back injury, then this asana should not be done. Pregnant women or menstruating women should not practice this asana. Patients of high blood pressure should also not do this asana.

Shavasana – Fatigue and Stress Will Be Forgotten

Yoga Poses to Treat Headache – Yoga for Headache

Doing Shavasana provides relief from headache and fatigue due to mental stress. Shavasana yoga is the only posture in which lying down normally, it not only eliminates fatigue, but also drives away many diseases. Shavasana is made up of two words, Shava and Asana. Shava means dead, that is, in this posture the body has to be made like a dead body. It is an asana to relax the mind. People of all age groups can do this. By doing this concentration and memory power also increases.

Be Careful

Do not keep the body tight while doing this asana or else there may be trouble. While doing Shavasana, do not let any such thought come inside you, which will cause you mental stress.

Padangusthasana – is Stress Buster

Yoga Poses to Treat Headache – Yoga for Headache

Padangusthasana also plays an important role in relieving headache. This is such a yogasana, due to which the stress ends in the mind and also gets relief from stress. Obviously, when the stress is over, you will also get rid of the problem of headache. Therefore it should be done regularly. To do this yoga, you have to stand in the posture of Tadasana. Then keep both your arms and spine straight and keep a distance of at least 6 inches between your 2 legs.

Now while exhaling, keeping your torso upper body straight, bend down from the hip joint. Take care that you do not have to bend from the waist. Try to touch your forehead with the feet and grab the toe with both the hands, in which your grip should be strong. Breathe in and raise the torso and straighten the elbows of your hands, in this asana you can hold for 30 to 90 seconds. Then bend both your hands and leave the thumb straight.

Be Careful

This is a simple yoga asana but do it under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor. If you have neck pain, do not do this asana. Especially those people who have pain in the lower back, those people should avoid doing this asana. Even if there is pain in the knees, this asana should not be done.

Do Ardhpinch Mayurasana to Touch The Headache

Yoga Poses to Treat Headache – Yoga for Headache

Ardhapincha Mayurasana is also known as Dolphin Pose. By doing this, the body gets many health benefits, ranging from headache to making the legs strong. It is more beneficial to do Ardhpinch Mayurasana on an empty stomach in the morning. To do this yoga posture, first of all, sit on your knees. Then place the forearm on the floor. While doing this, keep in mind that your shoulders and elbows should be in the same line. After that move your waist, hips and knees upwards.

At this time your toes and feet should be absolutely straight. Now while relaxing the neck, move the shoulders upwards, away from the ears. Then move on to your hands. While doing this, take a deep breath and stay in this posture for some time. By doing this asana, not only does the mind calm down, it also gets rid of diseases like stress and depression. It also gives relief from headache and sleep problems.

Be Careful

If you have an injury to your shoulder or neck, then you should avoid doing this yoga asana.

Prasarita Padottasana Home Remedy for Headache

Prasarita Padottasana home remedy for headache

This yoga asana is considered as a home remedy for headache. Along with removing stress and fatigue, it also keeps the mind calm. To do Prasarita Padottasana, first of all, stand in the posture of Tadasana. Breathe in and open the legs from three to 4.5 feet according to your height. Keep your hands on the waist and keep in mind that your ankles are straight. Then while exhaling slowly, start bending from the joints of the hips, till your palms are resting on the ground. The palms should be as far apart as the shoulders. The arms and legs should be straight. While breathing in, lift the head and keep it towards the front. Then while exhaling, bend down from the joints of the hips.

As far as possible, keep the head and back in a straight line. In this posture your hands will be bent but the legs will remain straight. If you have enough flexibility, then keep the palms and feet in one line. By doing this, the muscles of the hips get stretched. Do this five times for about 30 to 60 seconds. Now while breathing in, lift the head and back together. Raise the hands from the ground and place them on the waist again and take the feet back inside. Finish the asana on Tadasana posture.

Be Careful

This asana should not be done by people who have low back pain, as well as those who do not have much physical ability.

Virasana Meditation Asanas

Virasana Meditation Asanas

Virasana is named after the word Veer. It is one of the meditative asanas. This should usually be done in the morning. By doing Virasana, one gets rid of problems like headache. To do this, sit in Vrajasana, hold your right ankle and take out the right paw from under the buttock and keep it outside the right thigh. Then do the same with the left leg. While doing this, the buttocks should touch the ground. Keep the hands on the knees. Stay seated in this posture for as long as you can comfortably.

Be Careful

People who have any kind of heart problem should not do Virasana. Also, do not do this asana even if you have a knee or ankle injury.

If You Do Paschimottanasana Then What is The Concern?

If you do Paschimottanasana then what is the concern?

By doing Paschimottanasana, one gets relief from the problem of headache. It helps in relieving stress. By doing this, the whole body as well as the muscles of the head and neck are stretched and due to this this asana is helpful in relieving stress, anxiety and problems related to the brain. Along with this, it also removes anger and irritability and keeps the mind calm.

To do this, sit on the ground with both legs spread straight. There should be no distance between the two legs, keep the legs as straight as possible. Along with this, keep the neck, head and spine straight. After this, place both your palms on both the knees. Slowly tilt your head and torso forward and try to touch the toes with the fingers of the hands without bending your knees. After that take a deep breath and slowly release the breath. Try to touch your head and forehead with both the knees. Bend the arms and try to touch the ground with the elbows. Then after a few seconds come back to the previous position. Breathe in and repeat this asana three to four times.

Be Careful

Pregnant women should not do this yoga. People suffering from diseases like slip disc, sciatica, asthma and ulcer should also not do this asana. Apart from this, even if you have had surgery in your body, it should not be done. This asana should not be done even with back pain and back pain.

If You Have Done Vajrasana Then Understand That Everything is Fine

If you have done Vajrasana then understand that everything is fine

Vajrasana is such an asana, which cures many diseases. It is also easy to do. To do this, sit down with your legs bent at the knees. Then keep the toes of both the toes together, as well as keep your waist straight. Keep the hands on the thighs and do not apply any kind of pressure. Look to the front. Stay in this posture while taking deep deep breaths for some time. To come back at the end, keep both the hands down and open both the legs straight forward.

Be Careful

Everyone can easily do this asana. However, if you have knee complaints, practice it on a pillow instead of on the ground. At the same time, a person suffering from arthritis should not practice it.

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FAQ’s About Yogasanas for Headache – 

Q1. If I am having pain in my back as well as head, then should I do Prasarita Padottasana or not?

Ans: If you are troubled by any type of pain, then it is important that you first consult your doctor. Then take some decision. Since all these asanas are good for any part of the body, they are not for some parts. That is why it is very important that you practice them only after taking advice. Generally, those who complain of back pain, they are advised not to do this asana.

Q2. What is the right time to do Vrajasana?

Ans: The best thing about Vrajasana is that there is no fixed time to do it. Although it is best to do it in the morning. You can do this asana even after eating food. This makes it easier to digest food. But if you have a problem with your knees, then avoid doing it and do this pose only after consulting your doctor.

Q3. Should pregnant women do yoga for headache?

Ans: Actually, there are different types of yogasanas for pregnant women, which their doctors recommend to them and on the basis of that they should follow. There can be many reasons for the headache of pregnant women. In such a situation, before doing such headache-relieving postures, they should take special care of which yoga poses they are, which they cannot do after pregnancy. One should not do yoga like Anand Balasan. However, pranayama can be done on medical advice.

Q4. Does shavasana relieve headache?

Ans: Yes of corse. Shavasana is also a great asana to get rid of headache. Actually, this is a very easy posture, so people feel that this posture will not make any difference. But there is no truth in this. The funeral makes a big difference. Shavasana yoga is the only posture in which lying down normally, it not only eliminates fatigue, but also drives away many diseases.

Q5. Which asanas should not be done by heart disease patients to get rid of headache?

Ans: Heart patients should do yoga only after consulting their doctor. Although there are many yoga’s, from which heart patients also get a lot of relief. But as far as yogasanas are concerned, those who have any kind of heart problem, they should not do Virasana. Since the kind of movements that occur while doing this yoga, heart patients can be troubled by them.

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