Yoga Mudra You Can Practice to Get rid of Dry Cough

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Yoga Mudra You Can Practice to Get rid of Dry Cough

Yoga Mudra: As we all know, this year the weather is changing very fast and changing very fast, due to which many people are facing the problem of dry cough. A dry cough is very irritating, especially when you are talking to someone or trying to sleep. In such a situation, if you are also facing dry cough, then here we have brought 2 such yoga mudra for you, with the help of which you can get relief from dry cough. However, before that it is important for you to know what is mudra in the end.

What is Mudra?

Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means gesture. Mudras refer to your different body postures, which have helped in relaxing your body. It originated from yoga. This is such a method of yoga, which you can easily understand and do. This is that style of yoga which is very easy to remember and children can easily do it.

Yoga Mudra Method

Before you begin, take a deep breath and let your mind rest. After this, if you want, you can sit in Padmasana or cross legged.

Zero Mudra – Yoga Mudra

Yoga Mudra You Can Practice to Get rid of Dry Cough

Zero Mudra is a simple yoga posture that is performed to reduce the aksha space in the body. This is the hand mudra and it is one of those mudras, which help you to heal.

Zero Mudra Method

  • To do this posture, sit in Padmasana or Shukhasana.
  • Now keep your spine, back and neck completely straight.
  • Now place both of your hand on the knee.
  • While doing this mudra, keep your palms facing upwards.
  • Now fold your middle finger on the palm.
  • Place your thumbs over the middle finger and keep the hands directly above the knees.
  • Now close your eyes and breathe normally.
  • Sit in this posture for at least 5 minutes and then sit back as normal.

Linga Mudra

Yoga Mudra You Can Practice to Get rid of Dry Cough

Linga Mudra is also a powerful mudra which helps immensely in relieving dry cough. It increases the fire element in your body and generates heat in the body. This pose helps in reducing the production of Kapha in your body.

How to do Linga Mudra

  • To do this mudra, interlock the fingers of both your hands.
  • Keep the thumb of your opposite hand straight.
  • Now encircle the thumb of the opposite hand with the thumb of the right hand.

Benefits of Linga Mudra – Yoga Mudra

  • This mudra helps in reducing your cold and cough.
  • This mudra increases the fire elements in your body.
  • This mudra removes sinus and other respiratory problems.

However, keep in mind that you do not do this pose too much as doing so can increase the heat of your body.

For How long should these mudras be done?

You can do these mudras at any time of the day (Yoga Mudra). If you want, you can start your day in the morning by doing these mudras for 5 minutes. If you want really effective results, then keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day. By doing these mudras, you get relief from the problem of dry cough.

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