How to Choose the Right Petticoat for Saree Tips

How to Choose the Right Petticoat for Saree Tips

Right Petticoat for Saree Tips: The getup of a good saree comes only when you have chosen the right petticoat with it. If you choose a petticoat keeping some things in mind, then the fitting of your saree will be perfect. Every day a new trend is coming in the fashion business. For this reason, there are all kinds of fashionable outfits in the market nowadays. But when it comes to women’s fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the saree. There have been many changes in its style, look in this time, but there has been no decrease in its popularity. From office wear to sari, Bollywood stars have dominated. That’s why fashion designers are constantly experimenting with new things with the help of sarees.

How to Choose the Right Petticoat for Saree Tips

Today, there are many new designs and patterns options in the market along with the styles of sarees. But you look good in a saree only when your saree draping is done properly. Petticoat is most important for good draping of saree. That is why due care should be taken while choosing a petticoat. In earlier times, people used to wear petticoats of any color, material and pattern to tie the saree. But now the time has changed, for the perfect shape and figure, saree shapewear is being available in the market. Here we are going to tell you how to choose the right style petticoat for saree and fashion tips, which will help you to give perfect shape in saree.

Must be fitting petticoat

Women always ignore petticoat fitting. But it is true that a fitting petticoat makes you look tall and slim. There are many types of petticoats available in the market, but you have to choose the right fitting for the saree. Choose a petticoat according to the shape of the body. Wearing a saree becomes easy if you wear the right fitting petticoat. Nowadays, saree shapewear is available online and in the market, with the help of which you can look slim in saree.

How to Choose the Right Petticoat for Saree Tips

How to choose petticoat color

Petticoats are available in many colors. Some colors are light and some are dark. Saree is available in many colors in the market today. If you are wearing a green sari in a light shade, then you need a petticoat of the same color with it. If the color of the saree is dark and a light colored petticoat is used, then it does not look as attractive as it should be for the saree. Especially if you are wearing a see-through, fabric chiffon, georgette, net or organza saree, then the color of the petticoat needs to be given more attention.

Choose petticoat fabric carefully

Getting the perfect shape in a saree also depends on the fabric of the petticoat. Keeping in mind the fabric of the saree, choose the fabric of the petticoat. If your sari is light then you should take a petticoat cloth which is heavy. If your saree is heavy then go for a light weight petticoat. Cotton petticoat should not be worn while wearing a net saree. A petticoat in satin or shimmer fabric would be a good choice for a net saree.

The era of designer petticoats

In view of the demand of the people, nowadays designer petticoats have also started coming in the market. Yes, those who give a party look to your simple looking saree. Especially if you are wearing a sari in see-through, fabric then you can use petticoat in print. Petticoats are available in the market in silk, raw silk, satin, muslin fabric. These petticoats have embroidery, print and sequence work. You can use such petticoats with net, organza and chiffon sarees.

Expert Tips

Always wear petticoat inside the saree only fittingly. This gives a slim and Nice look. If you are not used to wearing sarees then do not wear flared petticoats at all. According to experts, use Lizzy Busy Fabric for petticoat.

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