Benefits of Sesame For Health and Side Effect

Benefits of Sesame: Sesame has a very important place in our Indian culture. You must be aware that sesame is consumed regularly during Makar Sankranti.

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Benefits of Sesame For Health and Side Effect

Benefits of Sesame: Sesame has a very important place in our Indian culture. You must be aware that sesame is consumed regularly during Makar Sankranti. Sesame seeds are hot, so sesame seeds do an important job of protecting your body from cold. That’s why we have an old tradition of eating sesame seeds on Makar Sankranti. You will probably be surprised to know that sesame seeds are considered very sacred. They have amazing power to destroy sins, so they are very dear to both the gods and the ancestors. Sesame seeds are believed to have originated from the sweat droplets of Lord Vishnu’s body. Sesame is pungent, sweet, heavy, tasty, aliphatic, hot in nature, reduces phlegm and pitta.

There are three types of mole due to color difference, white, red and black. In Ayurveda, mainly white and black sesame are described, but according to botanical science, only white and black sesame get the name. In Ayurveda, the properties and medicinal uses of these two are considered to be different. Black sesame is considered more important for medicinal use than white. But sesame should be used sparingly. Because if it goes too much in your body then its damage also becomes serious. That is why today here we are giving you information about the benefits of sesame and everything related to sesame seeds so that your body can get maximum benefits of eating sesame seeds.

Health Benefits of Sesame Seed

Sesame seeds are rich in manganese, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, fiber, phosphorous, protein, vitamins and thiamine. Their consumption controls hypertension and sugar and digestion remains correct. They are anti-cancer and relieve stress. Not only this, sesame contains mono-saturated fatty acids which reduce cholesterol from the body. (Benefits of Sesame For Health)

Benefits of Eating Sesame

Sesame seeds are very important in Indian food culture. On the day of Makar Sankranti, we see that sesame has a lot of recognition. Sesame seeds are specially consumed on this day. At other times, even if the quantity of sesame is less, sesame is of great importance in cold days. Sesame seeds are consumed in various ways like laddu chutney. Today we will know about the benefits of sesame.

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Helps in Absorption of iron

Sesame seeds are rich in iron and copper. They help your body absorb iron. Sesame seeds are very useful in diseases like arthritis. Also, massaging with sesame oil provides relief to arthritis patients.

Useful for Bones

The benefits of white sesame for bones are many (Benefits of Sesame For Beauty). Because sesame seeds are rich in calcium. Apart from this, sesame also contains manganese, iron, phosphorus, group B vitamins and fiber. We all know that calcium plays an important role in bone nutrition. Also, the zinc present in sesame helps in removing the fragility of your bones. Therefore, sesame seeds are very useful for nourishing and strengthening your bones.

warm in winter

You must be aware that sesame is consumed regularly during Makar Sankranti. Sesame seeds are hot, so sesame seeds do an important job of protecting your body from cold. That’s why we have a long tradition of eating sesame seeds on Makar Sankranti. People who are suffering from extreme cold should consume sesame during the cold season. It is very beneficial for them to consume things made of sesame in winter. In such a situation, take half a teaspoon of sesame and drink lukewarm water on it. This keeps the body warm.

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Beneficial for Skin

Along with our health, there are benefits of sesame oil for skin and hair too. Many people with dry skin should include sesame seeds in their diet. This improves the texture of the skin. Along with this, if you want to remove the dryness of the hair, then definitely apply sesame oil. This removes the dryness and the lost shine also returns.

Benefits of Sesame For Health and Side Effect

Useful for Good sleep

In today’s time, sleeplessness has become a common problem. By consuming sesame, energy is transmitted in the body. Also, if you massage with sesame oil, then you get good sleep. By the way, along with eating sesame, there are also benefits of sesame oil. (Benefits of Sesame For Hair)

Treat Anemia

A good amount of iron is found in sesame. Due to this property, it proves helpful in treating anemia. Not only anemia, but other diseases caused by iron deficiency in the body can also be treated with the use of sesame seeds. (Benefits of Sesame For Skin)

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Effective against Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Sesame seeds are rich in fiber and other useful elements, which help regulate insulin and glucose levels. Hence sesame is a boon for people with diabetes. Also, sesame is beneficial for those who are suffering from high blood pressure (Benefits of Sesame). Including sesame seeds in the diet can get rid of the problem of high blood pressure, it has been proved by many researches.

Help reduce mental disorders

If we consume a small amount of sesame seeds daily (Benefits of Sesame For Health), then we can get rid of our mental problems. Consuming sesame can be very beneficial for you. Because it can also get rid of mental disorders, stress, depression.

Beneficial for Teeth

Sesame seeds are very beneficial for teeth. Because sesame contains calcium (Benefits of Sesame). It helps in making your teeth strong. Brushing with sesame oil in the paste every morning and evening strengthens the teeth. Along with this, there is no risk of getting cavity by consuming sesame seeds.

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Make Heart strong

Consuming sesame seeds is very beneficial for your heart (Benefits of Sesame For Health). This is because the numerous nutrients present in sesame help in making the heart strong. Therefore, if someone has heart disease then it is okay to consume sesame seeds. Eating sesame helps in controlling the level of cholesterol.

Side Effect of Eating Sesame

It is not that there is no harm to sesame seeds. Any healthy thing does harm when it is not eaten in limited quantity or if it is eaten too much. The same is true with the consumption of sesame seeds. There are both advantages and disadvantages of eating sesame. That is why here we are already warning you about the side effects of consuming sesame so that you can only enjoy the benefits of sesame and avoid the harm caused by it. (Benefits of Sesame For Health)

  • Excessive consumption of sesame can lead to an increase in body weight.
  • Consuming sesame can cause allergic reactions.
  • Consuming sesame seeds in excess can cause digestive problems, swollen eyes, runny nose, and asthma.
  • Many people also get diarrhea due to overeating sesame seeds.
  • It is forbidden to consume sesame in the first trimester of pregnancy, because its effect is very hot, due to which there is a risk of miscarriage.
  • Excessive consumption of sesame oil can also lead to appendix infection.
  • Due to excessive consumption of sesame, many people also get to hear complaints of burning in the chest.
  • Excessive consumption of sesame in the summer season can lead to boils.
  • If you are a victim of any blood related disease, then you should consume sesame only after consulting the doctor.

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Sesame Seed Related FAQs

Q1. How to eat sesame?

Ans: It is appropriate to consume sesame not in summer but in winter. Because sesame seeds are hot and that is why they are eaten more during the cold time. You can consume sesame in both raw and roasted form. Sesame seeds are mostly used for making laddus and garnishing other dishes.

Q2. How much sesame should be eaten?

Ans: You should be very careful in consuming sesame seeds. In the winter season, you should not consume only 50-70 grams of sesame seeds daily. Apart from this, women and young children are advised to consume even less sesame seeds.

Q3. What happens if you eat sesame on an empty stomach in the morning?

Ans: The benefits of eating sesame on an empty stomach in the morning are the only benefits. People who have problems related to teeth should chew roasted sesame seeds on an empty stomach in the morning. It helps in removing pyorrhea, tooth decay, stench etc.

Q4. What are the benefits of eating black sesame seeds?

Ans: Black sesame is rich in antioxidants which helps in increasing the immunity of the body. To keep the body warm and bones strong, the consumption of black til is beneficial.

Q5. What happens if you eat too much sesame seeds?

Ans: Eating more sesame can cause problems like stones, water retention, abdominal pain and bloating. Apart from this, many people also have problems like diarrhea, allergies, asthma.

So friends, here you know both the advantages and disadvantages of eating sesame. Also know about the benefits of white sesame, the benefits of black sesame and the benefits of sesame oil. Well, sesame is a very important ingredient. Because it contains various useful and nutritious elements which provide energy and strength to our body. Therefore, consuming sesame is beneficial for you.

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