To Stay Fit like Shilpa Shetty Do Not Follow These Dieting Myths For Weight Loss

To Stay Fit like Shilpa Shetty Do Not Follow These Dieting Myths For Weight Loss

Seeing fit Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika, common youngsters are also becoming aware about fitness. They are improving their lifestyle by changing their food habits and exercise routine. However, sometimes due to lack of understanding and guidance, they adopt wrong methods of dieting. Learn 5 myths related to dieting and weight loss from Dietician Sheela Sehrawat, Founder and Diet Clinic Health Care PVT Ltd.

Low Fat or No Fat Diet

People think that it is right to take low fat or no fat diet to lose weight, while it is wrong. To maintain energy and vitamins in the body, it is very important to take a fat-rich diet. Under the diet rule, both men and women should take a certain amount of fat every day. Try to include things made from saturated fat instead of unsaturated fat in your diet.

To Stay Fit like Shilpa Shetty Do Not Follow These Dieting Myths For Weight Loss

Sit Down to Lose Weight

People eager to lose weight often start relying on anything they hear. According to research, the body uses more calories while resting. If you want to burn calories, then definitely take a walk after eating. Keep getting up for a while even in the middle of work. Keep in mind that sitting on the seat for a long time can lead to weight gain.

Cholesterol is Not important

Cholesterol is a fatty substance, mostly made by the liver. It can be bad only when its quantity in the body becomes more. Heart related problems can occur due to high cholesterol, so it is very important to control it. Bad cholesterol is found in meat, pastries, cheese, cream and butter, while good cholesterol is found in seeds, vegetable oils and nuts.

Vegetarians are Weak

It is a very common misconception among non-vegetarian people that vegetarians lack nutrition. Vegetarians get essential nutrients from cheese, nuts, pulses and grains. Excess of protein in the body can cause damage to the kidney. It is believed that protein should be the source of 15 percent of the total energy of the body.

To be Healthy you Need to Lose Weight

Many people believe that thin people are always healthy, while this belief is wrong. A healthy lifestyle is very important to stay healthy. Body weight depends on age, height and other important factors. It is not necessary that one who is thin is healthy. To stay healthy, it is necessary to adopt the right eating habits.

Being happy can also be healthy. Therefore, there is no need to stop eating and drinking or make very difficult rules, just try to keep the routine regular and balanced.

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