Twinkle Khanna Shares Tips For Happy and Healthy life

Twinkle Khanna Shares Tips For Happy and Healthy life

Bollywood celeb and bestseller writer Twinkle Khanna has recently shared some health and lifestyle tips on her channel which can help everyone stay healthy and happy. Popular for her witty sense of humor and sarcasm, these tips from Twinkle are also useful for staying young and fit. These tips of Twinkle related to the film family also include those tips which help her when her food starts getting fried due to children and pet dog. Let us know what are these tips.

1. Connect with Nature

According to Twinkle, when she gets upset with the children and her pet dog, she spends some time in the garden with trees and plants. The actress says, even if you do not have a garden, plant plants in the window and balcony.

2. Eat light Food in Dinner

Twinkle Khanna says that she has learned from veteran actress Waheeda Rehman that dinner should always be light. Twinkle says that I have learned from Waheeda ji that eating light food in the night helps the body to rest, otherwise all the energy gets spent in digesting the food. Twinkle has further said, like Waheeda ji, now I only eat omelets at night and sleep till ten o’clock.

3. Always learn Something New

Twinkle has told that despite not being able to sing, she learns guitar to maintain a bond with her younger daughter. The actress says that we all should always try to learn something new.

4. Breathing Exercises to Fight Stress

Twinkle, who is popularly known as Mrs. Funnybones among book lovers, says that breathing exercises are a must to fight stress. She says, when it comes to making you look and feel older, stress is worse than a birthday. You can do breathing exercises and it can make you feel calm and relaxed in as little as five minutes.

5. Don’t Stop Laughing, Having Fun

Nothing is purer than a good laugh, says Twinkle. I crack jokes on myself in various ways, sing funny songs and tell bad jokes even when my teenage kids keep rolling their eyes at me.

6. Apply Sunscreen

Twinkle tells that after giving birth to children, the problem of spots and pigmentation started appearing on her skin. Since then, the actress has made it a rule that she always applies sunscreen, especially when she goes out.

7. Make books your friend

Make books your friend. Twinkle shared what always keeps her busy and happy and that is her books.