Alia, Deepika, Priyanka Use These 3 Types of Face Massage Tools

Alia, Deepika, Priyanka Use These 3 Types of Face Massage Tools

Face Massage Tools: Women use a variety of skin products for healthy, youthful skin. But the full benefit of these products is only when you use the tools that come with them for face massage. If you are also preparing to buy a face massage tool for yourself, then first know which face massage tools are used by Bollywood’s top actresses.

What are Face Massage Tools

Apart from massaging the skin, face massage tools are also useful for detoxifying and sculpting the face. Classic types of face massage tools include the jade roller, gua sha, and the kamsa wand used in Ayurveda.

However, now electric or battery operated face massage tools are also available considering their usefulness in the beauty, skincare industry. These make it very easy to massage the face. These advanced tools usually deliver microcurrents to the face which acts like a face massager.

Must Have Massage Tool for Celebs

It would not be wrong to say that their looks play a major role in the earnings of celebs and hence celebs are more conscious about their fitness to skin care than a common man. Celebs love these skincare tools as they help flush out toxins that build up on the face. If this does not happen, there is swelling in the skin. Massaging with these tools also helps celebs keep their skin young as it prevents sagging.

1. Deepika has a Solar Powered Face Roller

The Pathan star posed with his face roller on Instagram. Actress Rafa uses Carat brand face roller. This is a solar powered face massage tool that converts light into energy and then delivers microcurrents to help stimulate the skin. Due to this, the face gets the same benefits which are available in getting facial done by the hands of an expert.

The price of Deepika’s face massage tool is $220 which is approximately Rs.16,000, but some of its low price brands are also available in the market.

2. Alia Bhatt’s Battery Operated Face Roller

Alia revealed in a vlog that she has a battery operated face roller which has 24 karat gold. It is made by a homegrown brand and contains gold ions which heal the skin with a soothing massage. Due to this, the skin care products get absorbed well in the skin.

Alia uses the House of Beauty 24K face massager every morning before going to the gym. It retails for just Rs.1,499 and is an affordable option for face massage.

3. Priyanka’s Solar Powered Gua Sha

Priyanka Chopra has also told that she uses ice on her skin before going in front of the camera and then uses a hot face massage tool. The make-up artist who always works with the actress also shared that she uses the Refa 4 Caxa Ray Face Massager which is shaped like a Gua Sha and runs on solar energy.

The price of Refa 4 Cxa Ray is $330 which is approximately Rs.27,000. But this type of Electric Gua Sha Shape Massage Tool is also available in the market at a low price.

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