Enjoy These 8 Amazing Perfumes Under Rs.1000!

Everyone wants to smell good all day. You all will also be fond of perfumes. But the trouble is that good perfumes come very expensive. This fear remains in our heart about perfumes, so sometimes we do not even try to find such perfumes which are good, from good brands and not too expensive. So you do not need to waste your time in this work. Because we have brought you a list of 9 best perfumes that fulfill all these three conditions. That means low price and complete work !

1. Revlon Charlie Red

Enjoy These 8 Amazing Perfumes Under Rs.1000!

This perfume by Charlie is good for everyday. Whether you go to office or college. its mild floral fragrance will keep you fresh all day long. An unusual yet cool combo, this perfume can become your forever choice!

Price- Rs.690. BUY HERE

2. Trendy from Nike

Enjoy These 8 Amazing Perfumes Under Rs.1000!

Designed for today’s modern girls, this perfume is really trendy. It’s sporty and perfect to start the day!

Price- Rs.797. BUY HERE

3. Fruity Rhythm by Adidas

Enjoy These 8 Amazing Perfumes Under Rs.1000!

For those who love the fragrance of flowers and fruits, this is a unique gift from Adidas. If you are feeling the tension of being outside all day, then don’t worry.. this perfume is specially made for you which will help to keep you fresh throughout the day.

Price- Rs.728. BUY HERE

4. Diesel Plus Plus Feminine

Diesel Plus Plus Feminine

It has orange, lily and delicacy that you will love. Its special combination has made this perfume special and this specialty will make it your favorite.

Price- Rs.2000. BUY HERE

5. Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil from The Body Shop

Amazonian Wild Lily Perfume Oil from The Body Shop-

You do not need to worry at all when you hear the name of the Body Shop brand. Because it is absolutely affordable for you. Don’t even go by its size because a single drop of this perfume is enough to make you smell great all day. Apply a little perfume on your wrists and behind your ears and you’ll be able to smell it all day long. Being small, it is also easy to carry this perfume in your small hand bag.

Price- Rs.749. BUY HERE

6. Benetton Let’s Love

Benetton Let's Love

Once again a well-known brand and the price is exactly according to your pocket. This perfume by united colors of Benetton has the scent of bamboo and a fruit called raspberry. Its fragrance will also make you feel it for a long time and your money will be well worth it.

Price- Rs.837. BUY HERE

7. Fabindia Cypress Perfume Oil

Fabindia Cypress Perfume Oil-

If you are bored with the scent of flowers and want something different, then this perfume will take you in the lap of nature. Although its fragrance is natural, it is quite different from the fragrance of flowers. A little perfume is enough to make you swoon with fragrance.

Price- Rs.499. BUY HERE

8. Skinn Nude By Titan

Skinn Nude By Titan-

A combination you would never have imagined. If it is called a perfume with the smell of fruits and flowers, then it will not be wrong. Because it has a mixed fragrance of litchi and rose which will make you extraordinary. You will also love to spend the whole day with this fragrance.

Price- Rs.879. BUY HERE

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