Ananya Panday DIY Skincare Tips

Ananya Panday DIY Skincare Tips

Ananya Panday DIY Skincare Tips: Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey is as beautiful as she looks on the big screen. Behind her naturally glowing skin lies a perfect DIY skincare routine. Along with a healthy diet, she also takes care of many things for her healthy skin. To keep her skin clear and glowing, Ananya prefers to keep her skincare routine minimal and does not forget to include natural ingredients.

Ananya Panday DIY Skincare Tips

Here are some DIY skincare tips that Ananya Panday uses again and again, which we are sharing with you too –

Ananya Panday DIY Skincare Tips

Face Mist is Must

Ananya herself revealed that she prefers to use natural rose water on her face and she sprays it as a face mist at least two to three times a day. To adopt this tips, you can also put rose water in a clean spray bottle and spray it whenever the skin feels dry or sensitive.

Ananya Favorite Glowing Booster Face Pack

During the lockdown, Ananya Panday shared her favorite DIY face mask recipe which includes only three ingredients: turmeric, curd and honey. She massages her face with a pinch of turmeric powder mixed with a tablespoon of curd and honey.

Ananya told that this mask should not be kept for more than 15 minutes otherwise it can leave a yellow stain on your skin. She uses it as a glowing booster face pack 1-2 times a week.

Simple Tips of Aloe Vera Gel

Ananya expressed her love for aloe Vera gel in an interview and said that she extracts fresh juice from it and chills it in the fridge before applying it to her skin and hair, then applying it. After applying this, the hair becomes shiny and soft after washing, Ananya says that this aloe Vera tips helps in keeping her skin smooth, soft and clean.

Uses Sheet Mask

Ananya Pandey is often seen following a skin care routine of sheet masks. The advantage of sheet masks is that it can make the skin hydrating. Sheet masks are very budget friendly in terms of cleanup and facials, they can be used anytime and anywhere.

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