Athiya Shetty Opens up About Being Body Shamed as a Child

Athiya Shetty Opens up About Being Body Shamed as a Child

There are many actresses in Bollywood who have been victims of body shaming at some point or the other. Later he also shared his experiences regarding this. This time too Bollywood actress Athiya Shetty shared her bitter experience with something similar. Many times in his childhood, jokes were made about his figure and complexion. It took him a long time to get out of this situation. In a recent interview, he spoke openly about being a victim of body shaming and its effects.

In a conversation with ANI, Athiya Shetty said, “I have also been a victim of body shaming. When I was younger, people put me in this category. People have to understand that body shaming is not done only on the basis of being overweight, people who are thin are also body-shamed. I have always believed that it is not good to comment on someone’s weight, talk about their looks or talk about something that breaks the confidence of the other person.

Athiya Shetty Opens up About Being Body Shamed as a Child

Athiya Shetty further said, “It is important for all of us to realize that if we make any wrong comment about the person in front, then how much bad effect can be on his daily life and things. It is very important for us to be kind and understanding. Everyone should think before speaking and realize how much their speech can hurt the other person.”

Athiya said during the interview, saying, “Earlier, I too used to feel very strange about my body. Even today I do a little, but now I have become better. I am more confident than ever and better the person I am now. There are many assumptions about being called beautiful. Everyone wants to look perfect on social media and I see these things in very young people. It hurts when people don’t understand that she is also beautiful in her own right.”

The simple thing is that it is never okay to body-shame someone. So before you send that nasty message or comment about someone’s body, dress, or appearance, take a moment to think about the effect it can have on someone’s mental health. Make social media a better place. As far as Athiya is concerned, we are glad that she opened up about her motivational journey and is in a much better place today. Everyone should talk openly about this. The things for which you are embarrassed are not your lack, then what is the matter of regret. Face it boldly and be proud of yourself.

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