What are Baby Hair and How to Style Baby Hairs

What are Baby Hair and How to Style Baby Hairs

Has it ever happened to you that you have tried to make a sleek high ponytail but small hairs on your head have either stood up or have not come in the pony and have become scattered, making your whole The sleek look is spoiled. If yes, then you must have also wondered whether you will ever get the sleek back ponytail look or not. Because of this, today we have come up with a solution to this problem of yours and we have come to know about it only due to some influencers. So let us tell you what you need to know about baby hair and how you can style your baby hair.

Learn All About Styling and Taming Baby Hair

What are Baby Hair and How to Style Baby Hairs

What is Baby Hair?

This type of baby hair is done on the front side near the hairline or on the side of the neck. They are not like this everywhere. Also, they are uniform in appearance, soft to touch and do not grow more than a few inches. These are finer, lighter and delicate because they have a different texture and don’t lay flat on your head, making them difficult to tame.

They are Different From Breakage and New Hair

They are not like your broken hair because broken hair can be caused by excessive heat-styling, dyeing or treatment etc. These are around your scalp. They can be rough, dry, frizzy or in any other texture or appearance. You may feel that the ends of your hair are thin and that your hair is thick at the root.

If you feel that your hair is not spread out in one section, it means that it is new hair. They are easy to tame, they are soft and they grow from the root.

With the Help of These Tips, You can Tame your Baby Hair

  • Apply some hair spray to the hair and then brush these hairs with a toothbrush or mascara application.
  • Apply water around your hairline and then use a toothbrush to comb the hair in a natural direction.
  • Apply lightweight oil to comb hair. For this, you can take a couple of drops of oil and massage it on these hairs.
  • Apply Nourishing Hair Styling Cream if you have thick and curly hair.

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