Benefits of Cold Pressed oil for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Cold Pressed oil for Skin and Hair

Nowadays, due to pollution, lack of time and stress, hair fall, early graying or the appearance of fine lines on the face is very common. In such a situation, by including cold pressed oil in your routine, you can adopt a loving and caring attitude towards both your skin and hair. Cold pressed oils have always been used by our ancestors, but now they are increasingly being used in the beauty and wellness industry and have become a part of the trend. know Benefits of Cold Pressed oil for Skin and Hair.

What is Cold Pressed oil

Usually two oils people eat or apply are the middle, fruit, root or nuts extracted by pressing while heating them. Much of the oil’s nutrition is lost in this process. In cold pressed oil, heat is not used in the oil extraction process. Because of this, the quality, taste and nutrition of the oil are all maintained.

Due to the abundance of nutrients present in this oil, this oil is beneficial for both skin and hair.

Skin gets these Benefits by using cold pressed oil

Cold pressed oil deeply moisturizes the skin and gives a youthful, wrinkle free look to the face. It also helps in reducing acne and acne scars. It reduces the signs of premature aging from the skin and always glows on the face.

Organic Argan Oil from Organic Harvest is one such cold-pressed oil that contains Vitamin E and fatty acids to help lighten all kinds of blemishes and reduce wrinkles. It can also be used as a mask on hair.

Cold pressed oil is Beneficial for Hair

Along with curing problems like dandruff, hair fall, regular use of cold pressed oil also improves hair growth.

Organic Harvest’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a boon for all hair and skin types. This oil is completely natural and it can be used in every way from hair mask to massage. Wash it off by massaging it into the hair for 30 minutes. If you want, leave it in the hair overnight and shampoo the next day in the morning.

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil make it useful in arthritis as well.

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