Benefits of Neem and Neem oil for Baby Skin

Benefits of Neem and Neem oil for Baby Skin

The benefits of neem are mentioned in Ayurveda. Being rich in medicinal properties, it has been used for many skin related problems since years. Today in this article we will know in detail about the benefits of neem and neem oil for children’s skin. So let’s start the article without delay and know every important information related to the use of for children.

How is Neem and Neem oil Beneficial for Baby Skin?

Neem and neem oil have antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. All these properties provide protection from many skin related problems along with soothing effect on the skin of babies. It removes itching and protects the baby from skin related infections.

Are Neem and Neem Oil Safe to Use for Children?

When it comes to prescriptions, the first question most parents ask is whether it will be safe for their baby or not. They also have this question regarding the use of neem and neem oil for the child.

Direct use of neem and neem oil for children should be avoided. To reap its benefits, parents can opt for baby products in which neem or neem oil has been used. This is because the formulations of these products are designed keeping the baby in mind. They contain the same amount of neem and neem oil along with other ingredients, which are safe for the baby. In such a situation, the choice of products containing neem and neem oil will be a better option for the child’s skin.

Benefits of Neem and Neem oil for Babies

The benefits of neem and neem oil for children are many, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Keep Skin Healthy

Neem contains fatty acids, which play a helpful role in keeping the baby’s skin healthy. Children play on the floor throughout the day, due to which they come in contact with dust and dirt. This can lead to the growth of bacteria on their skin. Neem has antiseptic properties, which cleanse the baby’s skin and prevent dryness. In such a situation, you can choose a baby body wash containing neem.

2. Prevents Rashes

Diaper rash is a very common problem in children. Almost every child has to deal with this problem at least once. The use of neem and neem oil can also be helpful in healing and preventing diaper rashes in babies. Actually, neem is especially known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Both these properties can provide relief from itching caused by diaper rash. It also nourishes the baby’s skin. Hence, neem is also included in the ingredients of most diaper rash creams.

3. Neem for Children’s Skin: Protects from Mosquitoes

Children’s skin is very sensitive, due to which mosquito bites cause blisters and itching. But you will be surprised to know that neem is a powerful antibacterial, anti-protozoal, anti-virus and antifungal agent. Mosquitoes can be kept away by applying neem oil on the skin. Not only this, it is also known to heal the skin after mosquito bites.

However, it is better to use baby mosquito repellant spray and baby after bite roll on with neem in the market than applying neem directly for babies.

4. Provides Protection From Germs

When a child learns to walk and sit on his feet, he spends most of his time on the floor. Keeping every corner of the house clean and tidy throughout the day is not a matter for anyone. In such a situation, the child is more likely to come in contact with bacteria and viruses. In this also the use of neem can provide protection to the child. As mentioned earlier in the article, neem has antibacterial effect. It can kill 99.9% of the body’s enemy bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds.

There are many natural surface cleaners containing neem in the market, which are safe for children to use. Take care not to use any surface cleaner containing neem. Surface cleaners containing normal neem contain many chemicals that are not safe for children. Therefore, if you have small children in the house, it would be better to choose a surface cleaner designed keeping them in mind.

5. Neem for Children’s Skin: Prevent Infections

Experts recommend using baby detergent made from plant-based cleansers for baby clothes instead of simple detergents. Because ordinary detergents can have a bad effect on the delicate skin of the baby. If neem is also included in the ingredients of baby detergent, then it will be pleasant to gold. Because neem prevents the growth of bacteria in baby clothes.

So these were the benefits of neem and neem oil for children. Take care to avoid using them directly on the baby. Opting for clinically and dermatologist tested baby products containing neem can be a better option.

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