Common Eyeliner Mistakes That Can Ruin Your look

Common Eyeliner Mistakes That Can Ruin Your look

Eyeliner is one such makeup product that almost every girl likes and is also a special part of their makeup kit. Earlier, where only black eyeliners were preferred, with time now colorful eyeliners have also come in trend. People who like makeup do not hesitate to use them. Most of us use eyeliner regularly and if applied properly, it gives a gorgeous look to our eyes. But inadvertently some mistakes happen while applying eyeliner, which spoils our whole look. What are these mistakes, and how to fix them, we are telling you here.

Liner All Over The Eyes – Common Eyeliner Mistakes

Applying Eyeliner to your Entire Eye – both the upper and lower eyelids, is a mistake that makes your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Apart from this, sometimes applying eyeliner in this way can also make you look over. To enhance the look, apply eyeliner only on the upper eyelid and avoid applying it on the lower lash line and use mascara instead.

Drawing Your Eye When Applying Liner

Many of us try to stretch the skin around the eyes while applying liner. We feel, doing this will make the skin of the eyes smooth and the eyeliner will be applied easily. This assumption is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, by doing this, you will not be able to apply eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes and the look will get spoiled even if you do not want to. Instead, keep the hand mirror in such a position that you can see yourself while looking down. Now apply liner without stretching the skin around your eyes.

Not Applying liner According to Eye Shape

Everyone’s eye shape is different and it is not necessary that every type of eyeliner style will look good on all eye shapes. So if you have never given much thought to it, now is the time to apply eyeliner keeping that in mind. Try to find out which eyeliner style looks better on your eyes. For example if you have big eyes, a thin line will work wonders in defining your eyes. If your eyes are slanted, the winged liner will help to give a lifting effect.

Using Colored Eyeliner That Doesn’t Suit You

Admittedly, colored liners are the craze this season, but don’t blindly follow this makeup trend. Don’t forget to use a color that doesn’t match well with your eye color and your skin tone. It can spoil your look. Find the colors that suit you. Black and brown are the safest colors and look good on almost everyone.

Applying The Wrong Type of Eyeliner

Yes, gel, pencil and liquid – these are the three most common types of eyeliner and they are quite different from each other (Eyeliner Mistakes). Not knowing the difference between them and applying the wrong type of eyeliner can ruin your very good look. Use pencil eyeliner when you’re in a hurry – it doesn’t spread and dries quickly. Gel eyeliner is the most glamorous and looks a bit overdone for everyday use – use it for special occasions. Liquid liner looks beautiful but takes time to dry – use it when you have a lot of time and never when you are in a hurry.

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