Cracked Heels: Know 7 Ways to Prevent Cracking of Feet

Cracked heels: Know 7 ways to prevent cracking of feet

Cracked heels: With the help of which we walk, stand, spin, or say in a line, it is an integral part of the body without which it is difficult to work. But often it would be seen that the heels of many people burst, a tarot is formed in it. Because of which they try to hide it in front of other people. Because no one likes torn heels. So let’s know how you can save your ankles from cracking. But before that know why your heels crack even in the weather?

Cause of cracked heels

Often your heels can also crack due to wrong eating. Along with this, due to lack of vitamin E, calcium and iron, your heels can also crack. Therefore, eat things containing calcium, protein and vitamin E in your diet and routine.

Make the ankles soft in these 10 ways

1. Boroplus – Yes, it is a cosmetic cream but at night wash the feet thoroughly and after that apply it on the heels with light hands and go to sleep. Your heels will be fine in a few days. Also use slipper at home. To avoid cracking your heels.

2. Use of olive oil – Oil makes the skin soft. Before going to bed 3 times a week, massage with olive oil with light hands and go to sleep. This will make the skin of your heels very soft.

3. Clean it with salt water – Yes, we do apply a lot of cream on the heels but forget to clean it. Scrub your heels thoroughly at least twice a week. Put salt in lukewarm water and let the feet soak for some time. After this, rub it lightly with some brush or stone. You will see how the mail accumulated on the ankles is coming out. Take out the mail well and clean it. After that apply coconut oil. Your heels will be very clean and soft.

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4. Lemon cream – Dust often causes the heels to burst very quickly. In such a situation, wash your feet thoroughly before sleeping at night. After this, apply lemon cream and go to sleep. Do this everyday. You will get relief in few days.

5. Rice flour – Rice flour acts as a scrub. Mix 3 spoons rice flour, 1 spoon honey and one spoon lemon juice in a bowl and apply. If your heels are cracking a lot, then you should keep your feet in hot water for 15 minutes before. After that apply scrub.

6. Barley flour and jojoba oil – Mix these two accordingly and apply it after making a thick pack.

Apply and leave it for half an hour. Then wash off with cold water. You will get relief in few days.

7. Glycerin and Rosewater – By using both of these, you will get relief in heels very quickly. Yes, you can keep it in a vial as well. Mix half rose water and half glycerin in a vial, add a little lemon to it. Wash your feet at night and apply it.

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