Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar for Menopause Health Care Tips

Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar: Generally, symptoms of menopause start appearing in women about 4 years before the last date of period. Some women can see its signs (menopause ke lakshan) even before 1 year of menopause. Menopause is a difficult time in a woman’s life. When a woman’s menstruation starts to end slowly. During menopause, there are many changes in the body of any woman. Menopause occurs in women aged 45-50 years. The symptoms of menopause in women start appearing some time before. During this, there are many hormonal changes in the body of women, due to which women can have many health problems. know Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar for Menopause Health Care Tips.

Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar for Menopause Health Care Tips

It is very important to take care of some things during menopause. Dietician famous celebrity nutritionist Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar has given this information on her Instagram account. Here are some tips to ease the tough times of menopause.

Don’t Care What People Say

Menopause is difficult for a woman not only physically but also mentally. Weight gain, ageing, skin changes and many other things start stressing women. Do not pay attention to who says what at such a time.

Don’t Exercise Too Much

Many types of advice are given to women regarding menopause. During this, exercise should be done for hormonal balance, it is correct, but do not make the body tired by exercising more. If you’re exercising so hard that you feel tired or sore for up to 48 hours, you’re really overtraining. Follow an exercise routine but do not do too many exercises at a time.

Take Care of Diet

Hormonal changes during menopause also affect your diet. Women often do not pay enough attention to food during this period, which is completely wrong. A proper diet is very important during menopause. Food is actually the fuel of our body, which is required by the body to function properly, so take a healthy diet. When we don’t eat properly, our bodies can’t adapt to any changes, which makes it more difficult to deal with the changes of menopause.

Rest is Important

Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar said that women going through menopause should also take full care of their comfort. According to the celebrity nutritionist, apart from getting a good night’s sleep, women should also make time for rest throughout the day. Rujuta advises women to take a power nap after lunch for at least 20 minutes.

Accept Yourself

Often women ignore their body after forty. He doesn’t love his body. But don’t do this at all, accept yourself the way you are. At this age, it is more important than your appearance that you have good health, good hormones and control.

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