Home Remedies For Eye Infection

Home Remedies For Eye Infection: Often the risk of eye flu increases during the rainy season. At present, cases of eye flu are coming up very fast in the country. These cases are increasing continuously. These days people of all ages are facing this infection, which can be caused by bacteria, virus, allergy and other microbial influences. Eye flu sometimes occurs in one eye and sometimes in both eyes. The effect of infection can be more or less depending on its type. Never ignore it.

These infections usually do not cause permanent damage but should not be underestimated. Prolonged infection can damage the retina, blood vessels and cornea of the eye. So be careful with delicate parts like eyes. If someone in your house gets eye flu, then how to take care of it and with the help of which home remedies can prevent this infection from spreading? Let’s know about it –

Home Remedies For Eye Infection

The reason for the increase in eye flu is being attributed to the monsoon season because there is moisture in the air during this season, due to which the infection of eye flu is increasing rapidly. Whenever you have any difficulty in opening and closing your eyes or feel something different, first of all see the doctor. Along with this, you can also adopt some such home remedies which will help in relieving the pain in your eyes as well as reducing the infection.

Rose Water

Eye infection is reduced by washing the eyes with rose water. Put two drops of rose water in the eyes, you will get relief.

Turmeric Water

Heat 2 teaspoons turmeric powder for 2 minutes. Mix a pinch of this roasted turmeric in a glass of warm water. Take this water in an eye cup and open and close your eyes. Apart from this, you can also wipe only the eyes by soaking cotton in this water.

Honey and Water

Honey is an anti-bacterial element so it kills the harmful bacteria that cause damage to the eyes. Honey has properties that enhance eyesight (Home Remedies For Eye Infection). Hence it is very effective in watery eyes and diseases related to myembomian glands. The dirt in the eyes should be cleaned with clean cotton by taking pure honey and pure water in equal quantity. Continue this process until the infection is gone. Do this process 2-3 times a day.

Potato Slice

Cut the potatoes into two pieces. Before sleeping at night, keep that cut potato on the eyes for 10 minutes. This will give quick relief from eye irritation. (Home Remedies For Eye Infection)

Mother’s Milk

It is considered an excellent remedy for eye flu in young children. It contains antibiotic substances and immunoglobulin E. Which prevents eye infection in young children. For this, with the help of a clean eye dropper, put 2-3 drops of mother’s milk in the infected eyes. Do this process 2-3 times a day.

Hot strip

It is an effective remedy for eye problems. This will improve blood circulation around the eyes. Eyes will start working better. It also gives relief from swelling. For this, soak a clean and soft cotton cloth in warm water and then wring it out to remove excess water. Keep this cloth on your eyes for 5 minutes with your hands, then remove the cloth and put it in water. Repeat this process 2-3 times. (Home Remedies For Eye Infection)

Must Take These Precautions during Eye Flu 

  • Do not touch or color the eyes at all
  • Don’t go swimming if you have an infection
  • Clean the eyes with water 3-4 times a day
  • remove contact lenses before sleeping
  • Do not share your towel, pillow or makeup with anyone
  • Sanitize hands after coming from outside and touching things
  • In the condition of itching, pain, burning, redness and stinging, do see the doctor.

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