Do You These Facts About Diet Soda

Do You These Facts About Diet Soda

Diet soda is one of the most popular drinks of our times and its popularity is increasing regularly. According to the claims of the brands, it is a healthy drink and because of this people are going crazy about it. But you should not always believe what is told, you should check facts to reveal correct information about anything and everything. We’re telling you this because the diet soda, which we all love so much, might not be as healthy and great as the brands tell it to be.

It is composed of carbonated water, spurious sweeteners as well as colours, flavors etc. and can lead to diabetes, dementia, fatty liver and other serious health conditions. So let us tell you how harmful diet soda is for your health and you must know these things about it.

Diet soda contains sugar

Certainly it is not possible to get a sweet taste without adding sugar to anything. Although they claim that diet soda does not contain sugar, it is true, the whole point is that diet sodas contain aspartame, saccharin, sucralose or an herbal sweetener that is 1000 times sweeter than sugar. Such drinks can also cause metabolic syndrome and alter your taste receptors in the brain. Diet soda can cause high blood sugar and other heart diseases in addition to those listed below and thus should be taken in moderation.

Can this Drink Really aid in Weight loss?

Since this drink contains no calories, it is believed that it may even promote weight loss. But this is not true, even though diet soda does not contain calories, it cannot be compared with water. Water is a universal solvent and it flushes out all the impurities in the body which diet cannot. In fact, the number of additives and artificial sugars in this drink can lead to obesity.

It Can Cause Diabetes but is Better than Normal Soda

However, studies have found that diet soda is better than normal soda in terms of diabetes. As diet soda can be a potential threat to your health as it can lead to type 2 diabetes but the risk is half as compared to normal soda.

Diet Soda Promotes Kidney Problems

According to studies, this drink is not at all good for heart health or weight loss. And another major concern it raises is kidney problems. If you are someone who prefers to drink more than a glass of this drink, then you are at higher risk of kidney related problems as it increases the acid load on your kidneys making them weak. However, some studies have also refuted this fact and established that the high citrate and malate in diet soda can help treat low urine pH levels and uric acid stones.

low Bone Density

Researchers have also found that these drinks can seriously affect bone mineral density, especially in women. The high amount of phosphorus makes your calcium absorption weak resulting in reduced bone density. So, you should not go crazy for this drink as brands tell you, you should consider and understand what it offers and then consume it carefully.

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