Facts and Myths Related to Hair Transplant

Facts and Myths Related to Hair Transplant

Are you also thinking of getting a hair transplant? However, worried because you’ve heard so many different things about hair transplant? In such a situation, if many things related to this prove to be myth, then will you change your mind about hair transplant? Actually, many myths about hair transplant are sitting in people’s mind and because of this, today we are going to dispel these myths of yours.

Facts and Myths Related to Hair Transplant

Facts and Myths Related to Hair Transplant

Myth 1- Hair transplant procedure is painful

Fact- Before the procedure, the doctor injects anesthesia with a very fine needle into your head so that you do not feel pain. After this, you do not have any kind of headache during the hair transplant.

Myth 2- Hair transplant leaves scars

Fact- Earlier, FUT procedure was used for hair transplant, due to which scars were left on the scalp, but now DHT technique is used with FUT and due to this there are no scars on your scalp. It is done quite well. If the patient has keloids, then small marks may remain on his scalp. That too when the hair is removed from the chest.

Myth 3- Hair transplant causes headaches and migraines

Fact- No it is not true at all and it is just a myth. This does not happen unless the patient is facing such problems before the transplant. There are no such cases in which the patient has had headache or migraine problem after the transplant.

Myth 4- Transplant is temporary

Fact- After transplant you have to take medicines, so that the volume and density of your hair remains the same.

Myth 5- This process has to be done over and over again

Fact- Transplanted hair is normal hair, which continues to grow regularly throughout life. However, if you continue to lose a lot of hair after this, then you may need to re-transplant in that area.

Myth 6- Hair stays short and doesn’t grow

Fact- Once the hair is transplanted, your hair grows like normal hair and you have to get regular haircut. You can shave, dye, color and style them or even enhance them.

Myth 7- Cause cancer

Fact- There is no link between hair transplant and cancer. You do not get any kind of disease due to this transplant.

Myth 8- Anyone can tell the difference between normal and transplanted hair

Fact- No one can tell that you have had a hair transplant because your hair looks very natural. Even this is your own hair. Because of this no one can tell the difference in your hair.

Myth 9- Your hair doesn’t get dense

Fact- Even after transplant your hair is dense and looks normal. Even though they may not give you the natural density, they are still more satisfying.

Myth 10- Transplant is not done on scar or injured tissue

Fact- The scar or injured tissue is completely healed and its blood supply is also good. For this reason, it is also transplanted on it.

Myth 11- Elderly people can’t get hair transplant

Fact- Hair transplant has nothing to do with age. However, if an elderly person has a disease that cannot be controlled, then he cannot undergo a hair transplant. Also they should have that much hair for the hair transplant.

Myth 12- Anyone can be a donor

Fact- No, it doesn’t happen. You can do hair transplant only through your own body hair. For example, you can take hair on your scalp, beard, chest or hands, but the hair should be your own.

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