Foolproof Ways to Get Waterproof Makeup in Rainy Season

Foolproof Ways to Get Waterproof Makeup in Rainy Season

There are special make-up requirements in monsoon because due to humidity or rain, makeup gets spoiled very quickly. This can smudge your lip color, damage your mascara, and make your skin look patchy. To avoid all these things, we have brought some such tips for you, which is perfect for Rainy Season. These ultimate melt-proof makeup tips are going to make your monsoon look even more spectacular. know Ways to Get Waterproof Makeup in Rainy Season.

Moisturize the Face

First of all you have to moisturize your face. Make sure that your moisturizer is not oil based. Also, use a good primer so that your makeup lasts longer.

Mix BB/CC Cream with Foundation

If you love applying foundation then you must have hated the monsoon season but don’t worry as we have got a tip for you. For this you have to take a drop foundation and mix it in BB/CC cream and then blend on face and neck. Keep in mind that you use a matte or waterproof foundation here.

Seal with loose Powder

To seal the makeup, use a large brush and take a little loose powder and apply it to your face and neck.

Cream Based Blush

Take a little cream-based blush on your finger and apply it on your cheeks. Now blend it with the help of your fingers. This will give you a natural flushed look. Also, keep in mind that you use minimal products on rainy days or in rainy season.

Eye Makeup

Take a little cream eyeshadow and blend it on the eye with the help of your finger or with a blender. However, we would advise that you do not apply eyeliner or kajal during the rainy season as there are more chances of it getting smudged. If you want, you can definitely apply waterproof mascara on the upper lash.

Nude lipstick

To finish your look, line the lips with lip liner and then apply nude lipstick of your choice inside.

Expert Tips:

  • Do not use powder products in the rainy season as those products can be removed quickly due to rain.
  • Always use Waterproof Makeup products in the rain.
  • Use a setting spray to make your monsoon makeup last. It blends your makeup properly and prevents it from shifting on the face.


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