Goa Travel Guide: Planning Go to Goa Then Definitely Do These 5 Unique Things

Goa Travel Guide: Planning Go to Goa Then Definitely Do These 5 Unique Things

Goa Travel Guide: Perhaps all of us have had a Goa trip, plan canceled or postponed or you too have a dream of visiting Goa like us. And because of this we would say that you must plan to go to Goa. But what about going to Goa? Will you go to Goa to drink as usual and hang out in the same nightclubs? And if so, what’s the point of going there? That is why we have brought this article for you. In this we are going to tell you some such unique things about Goa, which you can do by going there and it will give you a different perspective of Goa.

Goa Travel Guide

Silent Disco

Goa is considered to be the party destination of India and for this reason we would like to tell you that you can also experience silent discs here. Actually, in this type of disco, you are given headphones and you can set any channel with your partner or friends and dance to the songs of your choice and also you can control the volume of the song. For this, you can go to Silent Noise, Leopard Valley, The Laughing Buddha, Alpha Bar or Nocturnal etc. (Goa Travel Guide)

Do Yoga on the Beach

Let us go beyond the usual mornings and nights. Come experience the serenity of doing yoga on the beaches of Goa. There are many resorts that organize yoga classes and there are also many autonomous classes that conduct yoga sessions on the beach along with Ayurvedic treatments. You will easily find such classes in North Goa. Feeling your breath as if the waves are singing along with you can be one of the best experiences you can have in Goa! (Goa Travel Guide)

Turtle Nesting

Goa Travel Guide: Planning Go to Goa Then Definitely Do These 5 Unique Things

In the months between November and April, the beaches of Goa have a very beautiful place. It is beyond sunset and water, it is the site of life. Once a year, between these periods, Goa’s beaches are flooded with Olive Ridley turtles. They move to shore because this is the best time when they lay their eggs. They stay with their eggs for 40-50 days, waiting for the eggs to hatch and then go back to the water with their young! This is an experience that hardly anyone would like to miss. (Goa Travel Guide)

Devil Canyon

If you visit Goa, you will clearly see Dudhsagar Falls. We suggest that you take a tour of this natural beauty after visiting the waterfall. However, it may look like a normal river. It is also known as Devarcho Kond in Konkani and has a history. It was believed that a devil lives in this water, who has control over every living being here.

One day a fisherman came here and asked Satan if he could lend him some fish. It was found that the fisherman himself ate the fish and was lying. Then the devil cursed this whole place. There have also been a few deaths here and the place surely emits scary vibes. (Goa Travel Guide)

Butterfly Conservatory

There is hardly anyone who does not like butterflies. These colorful beautiful butterflies are such insects, which everyone likes and hardly anyone would be afraid of them. For this reason, let us tell you that there is a Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda District located in Goa. Here you will find more than 100 types of butterflies.

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