My First Solo Trip Experience to Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh

Solo Trip Experience to Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh: You might think that Solo Trip is there, anyone can do it! What’s so difficult about it? Isn’t it! But perhaps in a country like India it is not that easy for every girl to go on a solo trip. So actually, I recently did my first solo trip and it was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

So it started when I decided that now I have to do a solo trip and then through Awara ji I came to know about Soulville in Halan Valley of Himachal Pradesh and I decided to go here. So what was it, I booked my bus ticket and reached the Hostel Soulville 2.0 located in Hallan Valley. I didn’t just stay here but I went here as a volunteer.

My First Solo Trip Experience to Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh

My First Solo Trip Experience to Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh

What is a Volunteer?

Volunteering means that in exchange for living somewhere, you provide your service there. For example, instead of being on Soulville 2.0, I was handling their social media and website. Along with this, I was also helping in the kitchen and helping in small household chores. Along with this, she continued to do her office work and travel. So let me tell you how was my journey and if you too have been planning to go on a solo trip for a long time, then yes you must give yourself this opportunity. (Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh)

Where is Halan Valley and How to Reach Here?

The first question is that where is Halan Valley in Himachal Pradesh and how can it be reached. So let me tell you that for this you will have to take a bus to Manali and tell the bus driver to drop you at Pathalikul. Pathalikul is about 20 minutes before Manali. After getting down here, you can easily get a taxi to Naggar and within 10-15 minutes you will reach Naggar. (Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh)

You can either take a bus or take a private taxi to reach Halan Valley from Naggar and you will reach Halan Valley in half an hour. This is a small village, here you will neither see many people nor hear the noise like the city, but you will definitely feel the peace here and at the same time you will feel yourself close to nature.

Prepare yourself for the Surprise

Before going on my first solo trip, I had decided only one thing and that was that I would not go in thinking anything. Meaning when there is no expectation then there will be no disappointment and because of this everything that came in my journey was beautiful for me. The mountains here, the people here, talking to the people and the experience of trekking on the mountains.

It was all special and wonderful. You will get to see the beauty of mountains and nature around the village and even if you want to do trekking or are new to it, you will like this place very much. This is because there is a road to the river side from a nearby village and you can easily go here. You can sit by the river and have a lot of fun. (Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh)

Where did you Stay?

If you are planning to go Solo Halan Valley then you can stay at Soulville 2.0. This is really a great and budget friendly backpacker hostel. You can stay in a dorm or room as per your choice and there is also an in house kitchen where you can order any dish of your choice. Not only this, even if you want to work from hill station, this is the best place for you because you can sit in the common area, work with the view, chill or meet the local and spend a few days Away from the city, one can experience peace. (Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh)

Benefits of Going on a Solo Trip

  • You get a chance to know and understand yourself.
  • You get a lot of time to spend with yourself, with nature.
  • You get a chance to make new friends and also get to know new people.
  • You don’t have to think about what someone will like or not like or whether someone will like something or not.
  • You can do things as per your wish.
  • If you are in the mountains then what would be better than trekking.

I have also started planning for another solo trip (Hallan Valley), but are you ready to go on your first solo trip now? (Hallan Valley Himachal Pradesh)

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