Health Benefits of Apricot and Side effects

Health Benefits of Apricot and Side effects

Apricot is famous all over the world for its properties. Food lovers love it very much. This is a favorite fruit especially for people who eat fresh and fresh fruits. There is also a special reason for this that as beautiful as the shape of the apricot, its taste is more juicy than that. Apricot (Health Benefits of Apricot), a juicy and richly aromatic fruit, is not only used in a variety of dishes, but is also considered extremely beneficial for health.

Regarding the origin of Apricot, it is believed that the cultivation of Apricot started in China four thousand years ago. Then when people started going there for business, they started coming with it during their return. Later it was cultivated in Europe. Then the British took it too. At present, Victoria has become its main producer. Along with the taste, the appetite was also pacified by eating it, so gradually its popularity started increasing. The properties of apricots have made food lovers crazy about it. So let us know that due to which the popularity of apricots is increasing continuously.


Apricot Nutritional Value

Apricots are rich in essential elements such as vitamins A, C, potassium and manganese and dietary fiber, which provide great health benefits.

People especially like to eat apricots in breakfast. It is certainly counted in sweet foods, but it is not limited to sweets only. In Middle Eastern countries, it is cooked with spices to enhance the taste of many dishes, even in non-vegetarian food, and people eat it with great fervor. It is rich in energy, carbohydrates, protein, good cholesterol and dietary fiber.


Health Benefits of Apricot

Health Benefits of Apricot and Side effects

Anti Cancer

Apricot may be small in appearance, but it has many properties. It not only changes your taste, but also gets rid of deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes. Doctors also recommend eating it. The seeds of apricot contain cancer-fighting elements. It has also been proved in research that vitamin B17 found in apricot seeds prevents cancer. Along with this, apricots also contain a good amount of vitamin A and vitamin C, which are helpful in increasing immunity, which helps in fighting cancer cells.


Beneficial in Constipation

The disease of constipation is now common, but due to this many diseases related to stomach start occurring. Consumption of apricots provides relief in gas, abdominal pain and many stomach related problems due to constipation. It helps in removing the problem of constipation. This fruit contains fiber, which can improve digestion.

Friend of Heart

Apricot is also called the friend of the heart. The reason is that heart patients have to follow strict rules related to food and drink. In this way, apricots enhance their taste. Yes, being rich in fiber properties, this fruit works to control cholesterol in the body, thereby getting rid of cardiovascular diseases. It also works to increase good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol. Dried apricots also protect against coronary artery calcification.


Distance from Anemia

Due to anemia, the flow of oxygen in the body starts decreasing. It causes fatigue, pale skin, and shortness of breath. In such a situation, the doctor believes that this fruit gives them relief. Due to the presence of Vitamin-C, it promotes physical ability as an antioxidant. Apricots should be consumed daily to maintain the blood pressure in the body.

Relief from Asthma

Due to the vitamin-C present in apricots, asthma patients are also advised to consume it. High levels of vitamin C help reduce shortness of breath. Along with this, it is also helpful in removing shortness of breath and infection.

Great for Eyes

With age, the problems of the eyes also gradually start coming home. In such a situation, it is also necessary to take care of the health of the eyes. Apricots help in this. It is believed that after the age of 40, the eyesight starts to weaken. Lack of proper nutrition is a major reason for this. In such a situation, vitamin C and B-carotene present in apricots are helpful in increasing eyesight. By consuming it every day, the eyesight remains intact.

Healthy Bones

Apricot is also helpful in making your bones healthy. This is because it contains essential minerals, which include potassium as well as calcium. It is also rich in manganese, so it is helpful in strengthening your bones along with health. It can be used in many ways to strengthen bones, especially in sweet dishes and spices made from it, or it can also be eaten as a fruit.

Electrolyte Balance

An important benefit of consuming apricots is that it maintains the electrolyte balance of your body completely. The potassium present in it helps in this balance, due to which it is easy to avoid heart disease.

Good for Skin

Apricot not only has health benefits, but its consumption also keeps your skin great. The problem of anti-aging can be overcome by its consumption. Two or three apricots can be consumed daily. Not only this, it can also be used in making face packs. Vitamin-C present in it is beneficial for the skin, which helps in making the face glowing. This is the reason why apricots are used in many beauty products like creams, scrubs, face packs, gels, face washes. Apricot oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cure fever

Apricot is also helpful in curing seasonal fever. Its anti-oxidant elements help in this. Many times doctors recommend its consumption for energy when there is fever.

The doctor says that if the patient does not want to eat anything else in fever, then giving apricots not only gives them energy, but also the taste of their mouth changes to a great extent and the mood becomes good.

Other Benefits of Apricot Fruit

Apart from skin and health, apricots also have other benefits. Apricot also works to keep hair healthy. Vitamin A and E present in apricot oil helps in hair growth. Its oil is used in regular shampoos and conditioners. Massage of its oil also gives great relief to the scalp. Its consumption gets rid of scalp problems. Consumption of apricots during summer keeps coolness in the body.

Use and Consumption of Apricots

  1. You can eat apricots mixed with curd or can also consume it by mixing it with oatmeal in your morning breakfast.
  2. While extracting fruit juice, apricot milk shake and juice can also be prepared by mixing it with other fruits, which would be best to drink in the morning.
  3. You can wash it and eat it like this, it will taste delicious.
  4. Its use in sweet dishes enhances the taste. Especially its use in non-vegetarian food increases the taste.

Side effects of Apricots

It is a known fact that too much of anything is not perfect, no matter how full of flavor it may be. In the same way, most of the benefits of apricots are there, but some studies regarding its consumption also suggest that excessive consumption of apricot seeds can also cause deadly chemicals. Consuming dried apricots can cause intestinal blockage. Sometimes its consumption also causes vomiting and abdominal pain under the stomach. It is very important that when you use apricots, do not forget to consult a doctor once. Those who have any problem related to intestines, they should not consume it.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about Apricots – FAQ’s

Q1. In which season can apricot be eaten, is there any fixed season for it?

Ans: No, it’s not at all like it has a fixed season. It can be eaten in any season. Yes, if it is not found in the form of fruit, then it is dried and used as dry fruits. Very few people know about this dry fruit, while vitamins A, B, C and E are found in it. In addition, it also contains potassium, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. Apricots are also an excellent source of fiber.

Q2. How much apricots can be consumed in a day? What is the best time to eat it?

Ans: Usually, the doctor recommends that if you are eating it in the form of a fruit, then you can eat three in a day and if you are eating dried apricots, then you can eat five. Especially diabetic patients are told to include apricots in their regular diet for breakfast or eat them on an empty stomach.

Q3. In which part of India is it found?

Ans: It is grown in hilly regions of India, such as in places like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh.

Q4. Along with health, are its beauty products also good?

Ans: Yes, apricots are good for health as well as hair. It is also used in the form of oil. It is also used to remove glow mask (Benefits of Apricot), nail-acne for the face. It is also widely used in many anti aging creams.

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