High Blood Sugar with Diabetes Affect Skin Problems

In today’s run-of-the-mill lifestyle, not only everyone is paying attention to their physical fitness, their food and drink, but very few people are paying attention to their health, in such a situation almost every second-third person is afraid of diabetes.

Actually, diabetes is such a disease that once it occurs, it remains for life. All people with diabetes face many problems; For example, frequent visits to the washroom, excessive hunger, thirst, sudden weight gain or loss, tingling in the hands and feet, but worse than all these, our skin is affected.

The risk of diabetes is increasing all over the world, so the fear about it is also increasing. Anyone can get diabetes. About 7.7 crore people in India are suffering from diabetes. Experts estimate that by 2045 this number will increase to 130 million.

High Blood Sugar with Diabetes Affect Skin Problems

If we know the initial symptoms of diabetes then we can stop it, if you are having these skin related problems continuously, then it can be a symptom of increasing sugar.

1. Inflammation of the skin – This can be caused by a bacterial infection, which causes inflammation of the skin which makes your skin very swollen and red. Apart from this, bacterial infection also has to suffer a lot.

2. Rashes and blisters – Fungal infections, rashes are very common in people with diabetes. As a result of this infection, you start developing skin rashes and small blisters in the vaginal area, between two fingers.

3. Persistent itching – People with diabetic suffer from it, the skin becomes dry, loses its nutrition and itches continuously.

4. Darkening of the skin – The original color of your skin turns black or brown, this is called acanthosis nigricans. These spots appear on the neck, waist, hands, elbows and knees.

5. Diabetic Ulcer – Although this problem is very rare, but patients who already have diabetes, they can get ulcer. They suffer from neuropathy and diabetic ulcers.

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