Home Remedies for Heat Rashes in Babies

Home Remedies for Heat Rashes in Babies

The scorching summer season has arrived and it will also bring with it burning prickly heat. Before the baby’s neck and back are surrounded by red-red prickly heat, parents should be alert. Summer season is a disaster due to heat rash in babies. This is the reason why babies are instructed to take special care during the summer days (Home Remedies for Heat Rashes in Babies). Bathing them on time, maintaining room temperature and keeping an eye on their diapers, becomes essential during the hot summer days.

Prickly heat irritates babies a lot, due to which they cry and lift them on their heads throughout the day. In this article, we will tell 7 home remedies for babies to get relief from prickly heat, so that the sounds of babies will not cry but they will resonate in the house. Let us know about 7 home remedies to get relief from prickly heat.

Causes of Heat Rashes in Babies

Heat is the main cause of heat rash in babies. Below are some of the reasons for this, some of which are as follows:

  • As you learned at the beginning of the article, heat and humidity in babies can cause prickly heat. The reason behind this is the lack of development of sweat glands of babies. In such a situation, the pores of the skin also cause blockage. This is the reason why babies sweat due to heat is not able to come out of the body and the problem of heat rash arises.
  • Sometimes babies can get prickly heat due to high fever.
  • Dressing babies in tight or synthetic clothes during the summer season can also cause prickly heat.
  • One of the causes of prickly heat in babies can be bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis present on the skin. Babies who have high amounts of these bacteria on their skin. They are prone to prickly heat.
  • Some medicines can cause heat rash in babies.
  • Massaging with a particular oil can cause this problem.

Home Remedies for Heat Rashes in Babies

The thing that bothers the most when it comes to prickly heat is itching. The elders get upset because of this, so how can the children not be there? However, itching on the prickly heat can lead to infection or sores on the skin. Therefore, parents should ensure that their child does not itch excessively on the prickly heat. Below we are listing some home remedies to get relief from prickly heat in babies:

1. Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera can play an important role in getting rid of prickly heat in babies. It can provide moisture to the skin and remove the prickly heat. To apply it, take out the gel from fresh aloe Vera leaves and apply it directly on the baby’s skin. Take care of one thing that this gel does not go into the mouth of the baby.

2. Oatmeal bath- Oatmeal bath is considered to be a wonderful herbal remedy to relieve heat rash in babies. The anti-pruritic and antimicrobial effect present in it is considered useful behind this. Also it provides moisture to the skin deeply.

3. Neem Paste- Neem paste has been found useful in a research on heat rash. It also has anti microbial properties. In such a situation, you can use neem paste to give relief to children from prickly heat.

4. Sandalwood powder with rose water- A paste prepared from rose water and sandalwood can provide relief from prickly heat in children. This paste provides coolness to the baby. Also, it has anti microbial properties. Applying this paste to the baby also provides some relief from itching and burning due to prickly heat.

Some Tips to Protect young Children from Prickly Heat

Parents can protect their babies from prickly heat by keeping some things in mind, about which information is given in the points below:

  • Dress your baby in airy and loose clothing. Choose cotton clothes. It absorbs sweat easily.
  • The water for the shower should neither be too cold nor too hot.
  • After bathing, wipe the baby’s body with a soft towel. Stand it under the fan for some time. So that all the water from the body dries up completely.
  • Use only the powder recommended by the doctor after bathing.
  • Maintain room temperature during humid weather.
  • Drink enough water to keep the baby hydrated.
  • Do not take the baby outside in the sun.

In this article, you must have come to know very well about how to protect small children from prickly heat and home remedies for prickly heat. If the child is itching due to prickly heat, then stop him from doing so. This can lead to infection. If the child has high fever along with prickly heat, consult a pediatrician without delay.

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