How to Control Anger Baba Ramdev Tips

How to Control Anger Baba Ramdev Tips: There are both happiness and sorrow in everyone’s life. When things go in our favor in our life, we feel happy and when things do not go according to our expectations, we feel sad. And this sorrow comes in front of everyone in the form of our anger. Whenever the dam of our tolerance breaks, then our body has to burn in the fire of anger. There are many people who take out their anger on others. Anger can be very risk for such people. Anger affects your appetite, digestion. Not only this, the risk of heart disease, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and vision loss also increases manifold.

Well there are many forms of anger. Some lose their temper, some shout, some throw things and some get frustrated. This anger can be due to any reason, domestic problem, fight with spouse, office stress or any chronic illness can be the reason for your anger (How to Control Anger). Whatever it is, it is necessary to get rid of it, keep the mind calm and make life happy.

How to Deal with Anger – How to Control Anger

If anger is to be conquered, the senses have to be controlled and this yoga is done by meditation. No one can treat chronic diseases better than Yoga Gurus with Ayurvedic method and its method. But yoga guru Swami Ramdev has given some advice on how to control anger.

Control anger with Gomukhasana

If you want to remove anger from your mind forever, then do Gomukhasana daily, let us know how –

How to Control Anger Baba Ramdev Tips

To make it easier, bring your feet forward (How to Control Anger). Then bring both the legs together and sit like this. Then bring both the hands back and join them together. Then close your eyes and take a deep breath and release. This asana will stabilize your mind. This asana will calm your mind. Do this process five times.

Eat These Things to Get rid of Anger

  • Mixing turmeric in milk and drinking it calms anger and drinking mixed Shilajit in milk calms anger.
  • Drink aloe vera and guava juice.
  • Don’t eat sour things.
  • To keep the heart healthy, boil 1 teaspoon Arjun bark, 2 grams cinnamon and 5 basil leaves and drink it daily. Sugar is controlled by this, anger also calms down.

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