Kajal Aggarwal Gave A Befitting Reply to Body Shaming Trollers, Samantha Ruth Prabhu Came in Support

Kajal Aggarwal Gave A Befitting Reply to Body Shaming Trollers, Samantha Ruth Prabhu Came in Support

Kajal Aggarwal is enjoying her pregnancy these days and it is very normal to see changes during pregnancy. However, still there are some people who do not understand this and start trolling, especially when it comes to a star. Actually, recently some trollers trolled the actress by calling her fat and because of this Kajal did not like it at all and she has written a long post. Kajal wrote on her Instagram, I am enjoying a very beautiful time in my life, be it my life, my home or my work. Also, in times like these, some comments/body shaming messages/memes etc. are not of any help. We should have empathy towards each other and if you are not able to do that then you should live your life and let others live theirs.

Kajal further wrote, I want to share my thoughts here for those who are facing similar situation, who can understand it. During pregnancy, our body undergoes a lot of changes, including weight gain. Due to hormonal changes, our stomach and breast size also increase as our body is preparing itself for nursing. Some women get stretch marks as their body grows and sometimes we get acne on our skin. Maybe we start feeling more tired or have more mood swings. If we are in a bad mood, then we may have bad thoughts about our body in our mind.

He further wrote, Also, after giving birth, it may take time for us to be back to the way we used to be or we may never be able to look like we used to show before and this is completely normal. These changes are normal and when we are facing all these things in our life, especially when we are waiting to welcome a little person into our family, we may feel normal or even ourselves. There is no need to fit in a box and we should not be made to feel uncomfortable or pressure rise in this beautiful time of ours. We should always remember that the process of bringing a little life into the world is very beautiful and it is no less than a celebration.

Kajal Aggarwal further told how she copes with all these negative thoughts. She wrote, I hope that this message of mine must have helped those who are going through this phase. I love you all. Samantha Ruth Prabhu also expressed her support on this post and wrote, You are very beautiful and will always be and we completely agree with Samantha on this.

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