How to Keep Stomach Cool – Home Remedies to Keep Stomach Cool

How to Keep Stomach Cool – Home Remedies to Keep Stomach Cool

How to Keep Stomach Cool: As the temperature rises in the summer season, the symptoms of heat start appearing in the intestines and many problems related to stomach also start. Actually, due to the effects of the weather and our wrong lifestyle like eating late in the night, overeating or eating very spicy food becomes the reason for the heating of the stomach.

Apart from this, reasons like drinking more tea-coffee, drinking less water, eating non-veg, eating more medicine, sitting and working throughout the day also increase the heat of the stomach. If you are also wondering what to do when the stomach is hot, then tell that to keep the stomach cool, here are the remedies to remove the stomach heat along with the medicine.

Symptoms of Heat in Stomach

Its treatment is decided based on the symptoms of stomach heat. These are the common symptoms of stomach heat:

1. Vomiting and nervousness

2. Excessive gas formation, Constipation

3. Having sour belching

4. Sour watery mouth

5. Sore throat, chest irritation

6. Flatulence

7. Difficulty in breathing

8. Headache

Home Remedies to Keep Stomach Cool

It is very easy to avoid overheating and stomach related problems by improving your habit with the seasons. These habits can keep you fit in every season, not just one season.

1. Warm water on an empty stomach

2. Aloe Vera Gel

3. Eating on Time

4. Amla, coconut water

5. Place the foot in cold water

6. Sitali Breathing

Home Remedies to Keep The Stomach Cool

Warm water on an empty stomach – Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning not only helps in weight loss, but it is also very useful for many problems related to stomach. Warm water reduces stomach heat.

Aloe Vera Gel – Drinking Aloe Vera juice on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial. But very few people know that to reduce stomach heat, applying aloe Vera gel on the stomach provides great relief. It instantly cools the stomach heat. Fresh leaves of aloe Vera can be used for this.

Timely eating – To avoid stomach heat, it is necessary that the stomach should not be kept empty for a long time. If there is no food on time, then the problem of gas starts increasing and the stomach starts heating up.

Amla, coconut water Drink coconut water on an empty stomach in the morning or drink amla juice.

Keep the feet in cold water – If stomach heat is causing more problems, then sitting by immersing the feet in cold water for 20 minutes also provides relief. For this, you can also put some ice in the water.

Sitali Breathing – To get relief from stomach heat, it is also very beneficial to do sitli breathing. Along with cooling the body, it also calms the mind and the mind and gives a feeling of relaxation.

What to Eat to Keep Stomach Cool

1. Yogurt

2. Cold Milk

3. Boiled Rice

4. Banana

5. Peppermint

6. Fennel

These food items keep the stomach cool

Curd – Curd is very useful to keep the stomach cool. Having a small bowl of curd after meals also keeps the stomach cool and it is also good for digestion. Eating curd with spicy food keeps the stomach away from the heat of spices.

Cold milk – Drink 1 cup of cold milk every day for stomach heat. Milk helps a lot in reducing stomach heat. The calcium present in it absorbs the heat of the stomach.

Boiled Rice – Boiled rice or rice water, also known as Maad, cools the stomach and provides relief from problems like indigestion, constipation. Eat boiled rice with a little salt. Do not add any spices to it. If desired, mix it with curd and eat it.

Banana – Banana cures many stomach problems. Bananas have antacid properties that help in improving the digestive system. It is light for the stomach and is easily digested. Bananas are rich in potassium, which prevents irritation of the stomach lining by increasing mucus production and gives relief to the stomach.

Mint – Mint leaves cool the stomach. Boil mint in water and then cool it down and drink this water.

Fennel – Fennel has a cooling effect and this is the reason why people like to eat fennel after eating in summer. Fennel contains many nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium etc.

With the seasons, our body also keeps adjusting itself and many times the level of immunity of the body decreases in order to adapt itself according to the changing seasons. When the weather is hot, it is natural for the stomach to become hot. Although there are many ayurvedic medicines available to keep the stomach cool, but there are also many remedies to remove stomach heat. It is also important to pay attention to what to eat to keep the stomach cool.

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