Lives a very luxurious life “Singham” Ajay Devgan, owns his own private jet and has a luxurious home in London

Lives a very luxurious life

Everyone is crazy about his powerful acting. Ajay Devgan has been working in Bollywood for 30 years and within the meantime he has given many memorable and many successful movies to Hindi cinema. Ajay Devgan also charges a huge amount for a movie.

Everyone is aware of Ajay Devgan’s calm nature. Although they look very serious. He speaks very little, however he manages to make his followers his divas. At present, Ajay Devgan owns assets worth billions of rupees. Owns costly cars, expensive houses and expensive private jets. So let us introduce you to the luxurious life of Ajay Devgan today.

Actor Ajay Devgan is seen with a lot of respect within the movie industry. Ajay Devgan, who started his Hindi movie career in 1991 with the movie Full Or Kante, has millions of followers today. Giving the first movie successful, he showed that he’s a long race horse. He was ranked 12th in Forbes India’s 2019 Celebrity 100 listing with an annual income of Rs 94 crore.

Lives a very luxurious life "Singham" Ajay Devgan, owns his own private jet and has a luxurious home in London

Ajay Devgan owns many valuables. Ajay owns many luxurious cars at present. It additionally includes the Maserati port of Rs 2.6 crore. What’s special is that they’re the first Indian to buy this car.

Apart from this marvelous car, they have not only Maserati but also many expensive cars like Range Rovers Mercedes and BMW. Ajay additionally owns the Range Rover’s most expensive car. He additionally owns a Rs 2.09 crore Range Rover Vogue car.

Lives a very luxurious life "Singham" Ajay Devgan

A Rs 54 crore house in London

Ajay Devgan lives with his entire family in “Mysore” Mumbai. Aside from Mumbai, Ajay Devgan additionally owns a very luxurious home in London. A report claims that Ajay’s London-based house is worth about Rs 54 crore.

Lives a very luxurious life "Singham" Ajay Devgan

Farm house price Rs 26 crore

Ajay Devgan additionally owns an expensive farm house in Karjat, near Mumbai. The value of his farm home is said to be Rs three crore. According to the information received, vegetables and fruits are additionally cultivated on this farm house.

Private jet worth Rs 84 crore

Lives a very luxurious life "Singham" Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan’s wealth and luxurious life can be gauged from the fact that he additionally owns a very expensive private jet. They often make long trips in their own private jets. He owns a private jet known as Hawker-8 and today it’s priced at Rs 84 crore. Let it be known that this jet is the most expensive in Ajay Devgan’s precious collection.

Ajay Devgan also owns a precious vanity van

Lives a very luxurious life "Singham" Ajay Devgan

Actor Ajay Devgan additionally has an invaluable vanity van. No information is available about his van. However, the worth of his vanity van is said to be crores of rupees. All of the comforts are available in Ajay’s vanity van.

Importantly, Ajay Devgan started his movie career with a bang. Since then he has given many great movies. His major movies include Dilwale, Singham, Singham Returns, Gangajal, Golmaal, Tanhaji, Ishq, Diljale, Red etc. Talking of work front, his next movies are “Maidan” and “Mede”. Veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan will also be seen with him in May.